Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I turn 38

Not a major milestone yet I like to jot down what was my typical day!.It will bring memories to my daughters if they ever decide to check back.

One thing I always think what did my Mom do when she was 38.It just helps me to put things in persepctive.

When my Mom turned 38 I was almost 18 and in college doing my first year of undergrad.Getting me married in couple of years was definitely on the agenda for my folks.

I wonder what my daughters will be doing when they turn 38,hopefully they will be well settled in life....

Here I am 38 and tackling a 10 and 7 year old.Hardly can be compared.It was one of the rare birthdays Sedj was in town well I had to attend a training program to attend and he had a flight to catch by noon.But he did go out of the way to get me a nice card and wish me before we got onto our usual chores.

Its my second birthday in UK and I can say I feel very settled.I spent significant time in schools and am on the governing body of two of them.

Other activity that takes time is tutoring my girls..well thats been there for sometime and continues I am also considering taking up tutoring children between 7 and 11.

I have enrolled for CIMA which is a management accounting course - a tough one and hopes to puruse it so that at 40 I can seriously consider getting back to workforce with an updated qualification.

I have finally started swimming lessons and hopefully will be an ace swimmer in couple of months.Hope my instructor is there till then.

and the last thing on agenda as has been for the last 6 years is Reduce as in lose weight....it seems to be never happening any suggestions anyone...but I have to and its becoming almost essential and urgent.hoping I would make some headway here this year ....

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Do you know what is P.O.S?

Its been the second time this is happening I try to get into the discipline of posting a thought every day and miserably fail!
Apologies for that!

Yesterday I learned an acronym -in a "Internet Safety" session.
I consider myself quite internet savvy although I dont own the latest iphone or any thing to that kind...I always thought I was on top if the happenings.
One underlying reason I keep myself updated I know for sure my daughters will be ahead of me soon and I should be aware of the latest till they pass the vulenrable age!

So I was surprised when the P.C Mark (stands for Police Constable in UK unlike the Personal Computer I grew up with) I was taken aback I didnt know that.
And I believe children as young as 5 type that if parent peers over them!

He did say LOL and a few others but this one made me sit up!

P O S is Point of Sale terminal - in the modern technical jargon
P O S - as an Indian eceonomics student I remember it as Post Office Savings

But this one isnt that!

Scroll down and check it out!
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Thanks in advance!


Parent over Shoulder

Of course they have a lot more than just that!
TOS- Teacher over Shoulder

to SOS - Someone over shoulder and so on!

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I was trying to post every day of the month in Feb when all of a sudden ....circumstances took over and then I was unable to continue...and never could get back...so today when I received an email from NaBloPoMo, I said to myself "This is it!" Let me get back.

Writing Prompt for Tuesday, June 1, 2010.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I really have no vivid memories of what I wanted to be....I knew I will be one day married to someone my parents choose but that never worked out that way!

When I was recently cleaning up my home...I found a music notebook I had picked up from my home I grew up.I always have heard my parents mentioning I played the violin very well and started learning when I was three and so on..I often repeated that verbatim without being sure whether it was really true and often wondered if it was true.

I found this note book which actually says ..my first violin master in the right hand corner has written started in April 1976 I would have been 3 years and 10 months and I cannot believe I could follow the notes and actually play the instrument.

I did not pursue playing.... never was musically inclined....I think my parents tried till I was about 10 and gave up.It never appealed to me as an instrument.
But this page is a proof That I did learn and I for sure recall I was playing till 1983 because my school and I were included in various scenes of a famous movie called "Koodevide" I actually remember playing for the film!...dont remember if I ever featured in the final release!...

Vivid memory of my parents effort to teach me to play an instrument....I can still read notes and never agreed to my children choosing violin even when they wanted to...I told them to learn piano ....which I wanted to when I was little but never did till this day!