Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tanya Turns 9

Tanya is 9 today....

What happended in 2008....

She is still the same little skills learnt at 8 were cycling and playing tennis. She also began to swim 100mt races in swimming.

She is confident and can sing comfortably .

Her first solo recital..both vocal and piano.

We visited New Zealand ,Singapore and India.

Summer too was hectic as she revised her writing and reading skills in Hindi and Malayalam.

She did all the activities she could in a given week...

Her weeks Schedule was so hectic that it kept me on the run all the time.

Sundays began with Children's Choir as early as 8:30 followed by other Church activites till noon.

Sunday afternoons was catch up time for her Kumon sheets and sometimes even mandarin classes.Cycling around the compound was another highlight!

Monday after school began with swimming followed by piano lessons at home.

Tuesday was even more hectic Chanterelles , voice training classes and Jazz.

Wednesday..we took a breather for an hour after school practising typing at school library and then actors workshop followed by tennis lessons at ACC.

Thursday: We had swimming and mandarin lessons( can read and write about 800 characters). It was also catch up time for home work for the week.

Friday: We had 2 hour art lessons where she tried chinese painting, pencil sketching and all..

Saturday : was Girl Scouts as a brownie and then a Junior...

Its going to be the last year with so many activities as we have to begin picking and choosing to keep up the academic standards...

She is growing up....

Her first camping trips.. attended 2 separate camps at Camp Taiwan.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


This was the biggest event she has taken part so far. and will be Under 8 years old category.

When we signed her up we had hopes of her winning a few medals...however seing the number of participants ..there was no way....

She still did her best had got one 4th place and 6th place.

She enjoyed herself and made new friends.

In total there were 443 participants taking part in 2234 lanes divided by 7 gives you an approximate of 320 heats.

There were participants from all over Asia ranging from 6 year old to 18 years old.

The category Tanya was competing had 51 participants Under 8.
Her results are as follows:
John, Tanya (8) G (S1) Postion Points
1:03.53S F # 12A Girls 8 & Under 50 Free 19 ---
2:34.86S F # 14A Girls 8 & Under 100 Breast 8 11
1:14.16S F # 16A Girls 8 & Under 50 Back 18 ---
1:09.67S F # 32A Girls 8 & Under 50 Breast 10 7
2:23.77S F # 34A Girls 8 & Under 100 Back 4 15
2:36.38S F # 45A Girls 8 & Under 100 IM 11 6
1:37.65S DQ # 47A Girls 8 & Under 50 Fly ---
2:32.13S F # 49A Girls 8 & Under 100 Free 5 14

They are really noteworthy for a child who does less than 2 hours of swimming a week..Also her willingness to complete after knowing she is not going to achieve any medals.She contributed 53 points to her school team.

Well Done Tanya

Lighting up the Tree


Lighting up the Tree in TES...Riona was the part of 25 girls who sang for the X'mas tree lighting.

She did a fantastic job.

Children's Choir at TIC

Tanya sang well and Riona did well too...

Girls love singing...such little events take a huge step in their confidence levels.