Monday, June 18, 2012

R's Eleven Plus Exam!

Believe it or not!

What has kept me for more than 6 months away is R's exams. 88 days to go! for the first exam!

We are not into final stages of preparation and its nerve racking!

Its really difficult to get a nine year old to sit down and focus for over an hour.

And its even more difficult to do it day after day!

I have gone through several times and made several iterations and try to focus on which exams we will do.

It has come down to two dates - Sep 15 and Sep 28th. She may do a few more but they are really not important!

For the next few days, I will keep updating what this involves.

While the target is to get 90% in every test, currently we average 50 to 70 % ?
Will we achieve it in 88 days?....only time will tell!

I always believed you can't give up on your own child!...So I am striving to ger her the best chance to get to a secondary school of her choice!

Wish me luck folks! and pray for us in this never ending journey of catch up!