Monday, March 14, 2011

A friend who became best selling author

To read a work of fiction in familiar surroundings is not one usually gets a chance to do in life.

Here I have an opportunity to read a chapter of my life and how I grew up through an author who happens to be my best friend those years…A rarity in all ways …The book is a masterpiece of the surroundings I grew up .. I am thinking of giving this book to my girls when life’s decisions are thrust upon them …and say this is how it was and we still made it and you will it after all “Life is What you make it”

A very compelling title and a story that keeps you in touch with realities of conservative families in the late 80’s. The book also illustrates of how innocent our ambitions are how important they are at certain stages of life. It shows how one gets drawn into relationships that end in consequences beyond one’s control. The book captures circumstance in a real life yet things or actions least expected makes an impact .Finally everyone makes life the way they want it. It is only a matter of when!

The book is well written and keeps you engaged till end. It is set in a world where we had no modern gadgets and yet we nurtured long distance relationships and wrote letters.The world is so different yet ultimately “ Life is what you make it”