Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hectic Weekend!

How hectic can a weekend get...

Every Friday morning I am gearing myself for the weekend ahead...this gets even worse towards the end of a term.

This is a gist of how hectic a weekend can get!

On Friday, the girls go to StageCoach of we hit the road at 4:30pm and they are back home at 8:30pm just to relax with their "Disney Channel"...

On Saturday morning its a lavish breakfast which by the way means Dosa and Curry/Sambhar( but I just think its a lot of work) and off the girls to Mandarin class.....Well yes we try very hard to keep up their mandarin while we are off to the class the girls have to revise their spelling tests...which often we do in the car.....

Now this particular weekend...I dashed them back home for must remember the lunch has to be prepared too and they are off to a Chess Competition....they had five rounds of play and I was very proud that R could manage to go and actually play...needless to say she won none but I think had a couple of draws....For T it was not the first time and she won one game out of five...they were happy receiving their participation medals and off we had to rush Tanya for her "Swimming Gala" which by the way she too part in all 5 events listed.

I managed to reach in time and then take S for his tennis match at the local racquets club...and rushed back to pick T from her Swimming event.

Then we all crashed for a well deserved sleep...only to get up and go to Church...( luckily R didnt have her Communion Preparation class...After Church we yet again a lavish breakfast(thats what the girls like best), then catch up on all homework...followed by T's regular swimming session of one hour....

Please note all meals have to be made and that doesnt end our weekend...the girls have to practise piano so that they are prepared for Monday lessons...they have a long day follwed by chess for an hour after school to be followed at home for Mandarin HW by the end of Monday we draw our "Hectic weekend" to a close.

And enjoy the rest of the week!

From my window!

Nov views from my window!


Its my first hand experience of Autumn....

It was a great feeling to enjoy this season as it is neither hot nor long as it remained dry and not raining it was great!