Monday, December 17, 2007

Acrostic Poems

I never knew what are Acrostic Poems till Tanya learnt it at school!

In Acrostic poems,the first letters of each line are aligned vertically to form a word.
The subject usually is the word itself.

Here is an example


Terrific at getting along with others
Adorable to her family and friends
Night Mares are spooky to me
Yelling at top of my voice often
Athletic is something I aspire to be!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tanya's turning 8 - 3

Finally I think I tried to do something special for her birthday....

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tanya's turning 8 - 2

I wanted to to capture how a typical week of Tanya is ........when she is going to be 8....
Lets begin with Sunday.....

Most Sundays we get up around 7 ....and we try to juggle watching TV , having breakfast and getting to do some kumon English and Maths worksheets...

Then we are rushing to Church....for Children's choir at 9....followed by Sunday School and Children's Sunday Church...we are out of the Church typically by about half past 12 and head home or to the club to have lunch....It is very likely that in the afternoon Tanya will get to watch TV practicing her Chinese yoyo, reluctantly do some worksheets ...evening is normally Hindi time and we try to do an hour of Hindi with Papa.....reading... writing...
Then off to bed by about half past 8....

Mondays as usual its a rush morning we will somehow catch the bus at 6:55am and has swimming after school....we head home to do more worksheets and school homework...
Zack and Cody at 6pm is a must ....for Tanya if she is at home...
Tuesdays routine is similar except after school would be Choir practice....
Wednesdays - she is home 3 pm to take her Piano lessons followed later by Chinese.....
Thursdays ....we have voice training class for half hour, swimming during the season and jazz dance for an hour...Friday is relaxing no after school activity and its hard to get Tanya to do any serious work on its watching tv or playing time.....may be you will hear her practising piano....
Saturday if we are home its study time.....thats the only time mama get to catch up with her incomplete worksheets of the week...else we are out shopping or visiting...a hectic schedule she enjoyed thoroughly....

Tanya's turning 8 - 1

Eight years and must admit our daughter's growing up!

I decided to make a slide show of her photos give her an "instant" overview of last eight years of her life....In this "instant" world very often there is only a little time to reflect and plan ahead!

Hope you all enjoy the slide I will continue to post in the coming days all about her turning 8...

Monday, December 03, 2007


I got this message in my email box on a Saturday morning! And that got me thinking.

just look at the ranking, tanya goes to one of the world's best
schools. We are so blessed, it is just a specific set of IVY league, but you should be proud of her that she is in the elite.

Very often and that is at least more than once in a week ,I will be in some way involved in a “school/schooling “ related conversation. Having very little knowledge of the American System of education I often try to listen and at times to challenge….most often I get to hear it’s the best system of education and also “TAS” is the best of the schools.

Once in a while I give my new found information – what I gathered in “school lobby and cafeteria conversations also at coffee mornings” to my friends and family in other parts of the world…..Often I get such strong push backs especially from friends back in Singapore saying “SAS” –American School in Singapore is the best. I have put forward some of this new found knowledge even to some reputed educationists ,yet I didn’t get to hear any specifics….to feel comforted or reassured.

The only conclusion I arrived at every parent thinks the school their child goes is the best.

Yet I was not convinced ….we chose the school not out of research and understanding but between 3 or 4 options we were aware of in Taipei and what we got .Having moved in the middle of an academic year….and one thing we were sure my daughter needs to get into school as soon as possible and at the least in the same grade.

I would often go back to my sister (from whom I received the note) settled in New Jersey –for one she is the President of “Search Consultancy firm” – at least she scans resumes of US graduates on a daily basis- also for her daughters she had done ample research on “Which school?” and “Where” and was thoroughly convinced of her choice. He daughter goes to school – Kent Place School. She would often try to convince me that Tanya goes to a great school so don’t worry its just that you are not familiar with the system…yet I was never convinced!

So -Why this Post? – for the first time I got some factual information followed with some statistics on my daughters school- may be every one knew it- the truth is I didn’t know and was happy to be informed so that I can make my informed contributions to “school lobby and cafeteria conversations also at coffee mornings”

Follow the Link

TAS in Wall Street Journal

I can also tell her as she grows up that she once went to a “great school “when she was 6 and 7 years old…..

This research was done about the students who got in Top 8 colleges. The survey ranked the high schools based on the number of students sent to those eight colleges, divided by the high school's number of graduates in 2007, limiting the scope to schools that had senior classes of at least 50

1. Harvard
2. Princeton,
3. MIT,
4. Williams,
5. Pomona,
6. Swarthmore,
7. the University of Chicago and
8. Johns Hopkins

So based on my analysis these are the facts I found out about TAS –

I thought as a parent some of you might find this informative!

• TAS ranks 61st in the world and 4th outside US in the “Success Rate “ Category .The "success rate" represents the percentage of students in each high-school's graduating class that attended one of the chosen colleges above.
• 9 students went to these listed colleges in 2007.A success rate of 4.3%
• TAS ranks 18th in the world in terms of Student size in the Senior class. and the largest senior class outside of US.
• Among the schools which published fees it is one of the lowest- the lowest being Daewon Foreign Language school in Korea.

I hope these facts give you some valuable contributions to your “school lobby and cafeteria conversations also at coffee mornings” Please do post a comment if the post was informative …