Friday, November 13, 2009

Trip to Scotland

Outside Edinburg Castle

We set off on a Sunday morning to Scotland.

Our destinations was Glenrothes.This is where we had booked our stay.

We drove to Derby to visit an artist friend and went on to drive till the hotel stopping for essential breaks for fuel and meals!

Day 1

We were all charged up and decided to go to Ben Nevis our first stop for the cable car ride.!

The cable car ride was enjoyable and the view was spectacular.

Our next stop was LOCH NESS

We did a cruise in the Loch Ness and saw the famous 13th century - Urquart Castle...

A personal view on Loch was a lot hyped .We had expected more picturesque surroundings!
We had an excellent guide though and we enjoyed hearing the stories of Loch Ness Monster!

Day 2

The next day we went to Edinburgh Castle.
We walked around the streets of Edinburgh and great city with a lot of buzz.
We had a great Thai meal as all of us got tired of our old fish and chips!
We went to a weaving shop that sold a lot of Scottish made articles.

Day 3

We drove to Argyll hoping to go to a sea kingdom.
We ended up in the Oban and went around the town.
We ate great Indian food around Glenrothes.
Check out these links the food was awesome....the last thing you would expect to do in Scotland -have Indian buffets every evening!

Day 4
We went to a Safari Park and the girls had a great time watching the animals.

The sea lions show was outstanding!and was well worth the time and wait!
We visited the famous William Wallace monument and went to St Andrews - the home of Golf!St Andrews seemed a town we would have liked to spend more time but glad we did go there!

We had another fabulous Indian buffet at Red Fort - an Indian restaurant!
Day 5

We headed back home to London.
We started at 8 AM and was able to reach home by 6 inspite of delays on M25!

For more photos - Scotland October 2009 and a few more Scotland II

Encounter with Blogger - Artist!

It was one of my desires to see how Niall worked....I had started reading his blog and admiring his work after my friend Preeti had mentioned it....

I finally got to see him personally and his wonderful work at his home.
He was kind enough to show my daughters how he made his wonderful pictures!and we were very lucky to have been gifted one of his prints!

Hope you enjoy the small video clipping!


T sings very well and her desire at 9 years is that she wants to be an actress.

I have a philiosophy when it comes to such desires...try to give them an opportunity....and then they understand is it worth aspring for! Well you can't make her fly a fighter jet if her ambition is to be fighter jet pilot but you can show her movies or expose her to lives/stories of fighter pilots.

So when the church we attend announced for auditions we promptly took her and she got selected for a small role...

It was all fun and she enjoyed all the way.

Most of our Sundays for two months went in 4 to 6 hours of rehearsals and practise, that meant a stop to a lot of academic pursuits I would have liked her to do like preparing for her 11+ entrance exams etc.

The show was fantastic and all those who attended loved it.....

Well, at the end of it T also realised "acting" is not her cup of tea and she rather stick to her singing!

Here is a few photos and a videos

T is in green and yellow in the photo!

This was the finale for the last show ( they had 4 shows!)

T is the slitheryslime in the middle of the three!

I am happy she realised it herself and chose to focus on her singing than acting!

First Day of School!

The two girls finally get to go to the same school!

Thats T's 6th school in the 4th country and R's 5th in the 3rd country!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Seven Secrets of

It’s a privilege to be tagged (it’s the third time) and awarded (first time ever) by a famous blogger and author so I couldn’t refuse attempting:-

Seven Things that no one knows about me:

That’s not true but I will state facts that I think most people don’t know about me.

1. I like to help others and will go out of the way….That’s not the thing that no one knows about me but these days I try very hard not to go out of the way to help! And by the way its been very hard… do that as it not my nature….

2. I love to read the letters written by my husband before we got married (about a dozen of them)…I usually end up reading it when he is away for a long business trip and keeps wondering “what a gamble he took?” in deciding to marry me!

3. If you ever wanted to convince yourself not to buy something you badly “wanted” and not needed….give me a call….I will always tell you the worst things first……and I can assure you , you will reevaluate the decision to buy!

4. I am a licensed insurance agent ….don’t run ….I sell only to myself! When I wanted to buy insurance as a savings option I talked to over a dozen agents and figured out how little they knew so I finally did the IRDA licensing course and became one ….but the fact (Point 3)that I can tell you the worst things about every plan and policy almost nobody ever bought ( to tell you the truth I didn’t even try!)

5. I always admired people who can sell things and always wished my children can acquire that skill……

6. I want to make a million dollars in my life time to buy a home of my dreams. It’s my desire to make that money sitting at home and doing options trading. If you are thinking I have some Godfather who will give me the money…no I have USD 300( my capital )at the moment but still believe it’s possible.

7. I graduated (Bachelors Degree) before I was 20 and chose my life partner before I turned 21!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Brighton Beach

Summer was coming to an end.

It was the last weekend before the school began....

The girls have been wanting to go to a beach or water park....and so finally we set out to Brighton Beach a sunny morning!

As any other destination in UK....if you are wondering "What to see in Brighton" they have a wonderful website.

Although we did the needed research there was no sandy beaches in sight!....and their dreams to build sand castles could not be met!

For more photos click here! Brighton and Hastings