Monday, December 17, 2007

Acrostic Poems

I never knew what are Acrostic Poems till Tanya learnt it at school!

In Acrostic poems,the first letters of each line are aligned vertically to form a word.
The subject usually is the word itself.

Here is an example


Terrific at getting along with others
Adorable to her family and friends
Night Mares are spooky to me
Yelling at top of my voice often
Athletic is something I aspire to be!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tanya's turning 8 - 3

Finally I think I tried to do something special for her birthday....

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tanya's turning 8 - 2

I wanted to to capture how a typical week of Tanya is ........when she is going to be 8....
Lets begin with Sunday.....

Most Sundays we get up around 7 ....and we try to juggle watching TV , having breakfast and getting to do some kumon English and Maths worksheets...

Then we are rushing to Church....for Children's choir at 9....followed by Sunday School and Children's Sunday Church...we are out of the Church typically by about half past 12 and head home or to the club to have lunch....It is very likely that in the afternoon Tanya will get to watch TV practicing her Chinese yoyo, reluctantly do some worksheets ...evening is normally Hindi time and we try to do an hour of Hindi with Papa.....reading... writing...
Then off to bed by about half past 8....

Mondays as usual its a rush morning we will somehow catch the bus at 6:55am and has swimming after school....we head home to do more worksheets and school homework...
Zack and Cody at 6pm is a must ....for Tanya if she is at home...
Tuesdays routine is similar except after school would be Choir practice....
Wednesdays - she is home 3 pm to take her Piano lessons followed later by Chinese.....
Thursdays ....we have voice training class for half hour, swimming during the season and jazz dance for an hour...Friday is relaxing no after school activity and its hard to get Tanya to do any serious work on its watching tv or playing time.....may be you will hear her practising piano....
Saturday if we are home its study time.....thats the only time mama get to catch up with her incomplete worksheets of the week...else we are out shopping or visiting...a hectic schedule she enjoyed thoroughly....

Tanya's turning 8 - 1

Eight years and must admit our daughter's growing up!

I decided to make a slide show of her photos give her an "instant" overview of last eight years of her life....In this "instant" world very often there is only a little time to reflect and plan ahead!

Hope you all enjoy the slide I will continue to post in the coming days all about her turning 8...

Monday, December 03, 2007


I got this message in my email box on a Saturday morning! And that got me thinking.

just look at the ranking, tanya goes to one of the world's best
schools. We are so blessed, it is just a specific set of IVY league, but you should be proud of her that she is in the elite.

Very often and that is at least more than once in a week ,I will be in some way involved in a “school/schooling “ related conversation. Having very little knowledge of the American System of education I often try to listen and at times to challenge….most often I get to hear it’s the best system of education and also “TAS” is the best of the schools.

Once in a while I give my new found information – what I gathered in “school lobby and cafeteria conversations also at coffee mornings” to my friends and family in other parts of the world…..Often I get such strong push backs especially from friends back in Singapore saying “SAS” –American School in Singapore is the best. I have put forward some of this new found knowledge even to some reputed educationists ,yet I didn’t get to hear any specifics….to feel comforted or reassured.

The only conclusion I arrived at every parent thinks the school their child goes is the best.

Yet I was not convinced ….we chose the school not out of research and understanding but between 3 or 4 options we were aware of in Taipei and what we got .Having moved in the middle of an academic year….and one thing we were sure my daughter needs to get into school as soon as possible and at the least in the same grade.

I would often go back to my sister (from whom I received the note) settled in New Jersey –for one she is the President of “Search Consultancy firm” – at least she scans resumes of US graduates on a daily basis- also for her daughters she had done ample research on “Which school?” and “Where” and was thoroughly convinced of her choice. He daughter goes to school – Kent Place School. She would often try to convince me that Tanya goes to a great school so don’t worry its just that you are not familiar with the system…yet I was never convinced!

So -Why this Post? – for the first time I got some factual information followed with some statistics on my daughters school- may be every one knew it- the truth is I didn’t know and was happy to be informed so that I can make my informed contributions to “school lobby and cafeteria conversations also at coffee mornings”

Follow the Link

TAS in Wall Street Journal

I can also tell her as she grows up that she once went to a “great school “when she was 6 and 7 years old…..

This research was done about the students who got in Top 8 colleges. The survey ranked the high schools based on the number of students sent to those eight colleges, divided by the high school's number of graduates in 2007, limiting the scope to schools that had senior classes of at least 50

1. Harvard
2. Princeton,
3. MIT,
4. Williams,
5. Pomona,
6. Swarthmore,
7. the University of Chicago and
8. Johns Hopkins

So based on my analysis these are the facts I found out about TAS –

I thought as a parent some of you might find this informative!

• TAS ranks 61st in the world and 4th outside US in the “Success Rate “ Category .The "success rate" represents the percentage of students in each high-school's graduating class that attended one of the chosen colleges above.
• 9 students went to these listed colleges in 2007.A success rate of 4.3%
• TAS ranks 18th in the world in terms of Student size in the Senior class. and the largest senior class outside of US.
• Among the schools which published fees it is one of the lowest- the lowest being Daewon Foreign Language school in Korea.

I hope these facts give you some valuable contributions to your “school lobby and cafeteria conversations also at coffee mornings” Please do post a comment if the post was informative …

Saturday, November 24, 2007

India - a Perspective!

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I hope you too with no offence meant!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


A typical practice session when Tanya was 7 years old....

Sorry for the poor Video Quality!


This is one destination in Taiwan I love to shop....

This is my 4th visit....

Here are two of my picks this time around!

Its a great place to spend a day shopping and let me tell you....most things sell at a reasonable price...

It ia made of ceramic/procelien.

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Long break!

Finally I am back to blogging.....after almost 3 weeks...

I am sorry ..for those few handful regular readers I have....

I was down with a major bout of influenza and had to be in bed literally almost a week....and that culminated in one of major Asian Swimming meets at Tanya's school.

So the first weekend Nov10/11 was packed with swimming meet - Inter school and Fire Works night at British School...and a grand reception at Grand hotel for the 250 swimmers from different parts of Asia...

The week was followed by Investitiure for Scouts and I had to host a dinner...for about 11 adults and 6 all in all it was a hectic....2 weeks.....will all of us also suffering with nuiances of cough and cold with the weather keeps changing ...- a rather regular phenomenon in Taipei this part of the year...before the full blown winter kicks in...

Thanks all for hanging in there and dropping by to read my blog again....

Friday, November 02, 2007

Osaka, Japan

We have been toying the idea of a trip to Osaka for a while...

Finally I decided to check what is there really to see and experience in Osaka...

Half Day tour

Shin Umeda City/Floating Garden Observatory & Nakashizennomori

Shin Umeda City, full of greenery between the buildings.
Climbing up the elevators from the entrance of Umeda Sky Building among them, reaching Floating Garden Observatory on the 39th floor above ground. There is anopen "stairwell", enabling you to enjoy views of Osaka while walking around. The view extends as far as Awaji Island and Mt. Ikoma on a fine day, and the sunset is considered spectacular.
Floating Garden Observatory Adults ¥700,
Junior/senior high school students ¥500

Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Umeda

The mega-size mass-marketer towering north of JR Osaka is always chock-full of shoppers. Well-stocked with cameras and PCs. All kinds of electrical appliances available. Many visitors come from Asia. Also there is a floor for the Comme ça Store filled with fashion and sundry goods and other fashion stores, and also a restaurant floor offering Japanese, Chinese, Western, and other delicacies. You
can spend a whole day here without getting bored.


This is a big Festival for Americans....Its not one of my favourites....but one of which I decided to let the kids have some fun this time...since Tanya goes to an American school....

What is Halloween?

The term Halloween is shortened from All-hallow-even, as it is the eve of "All Hallows' Day", which is now also known as All Saints' Day.

Having been to an Irish nuns Boarding was a day I reckon where the children would end up doing some tricks or pranks....even two decades ago...

But its a big deal see all supermarkets and shops lined up with Halloween costumes....its now one of the 5 large shopping events in US....

Anyways here are the photos how my daughters celebrated Halloween in Taipei at their schools and at the American Club.

Monday, October 29, 2007


I still like to browse through times of India....once in a few months....especially when I think of home....back in India....If I dont get anyone online to chat with I always like to catch up on news...

here are some interesting facts....that I the newspaper...

IIMs have collected a whopping Rs 25 crore by way of selling CAT 2007 bulletins
Cost of CAT bulletin: Rs 1,100
Applications sold: 2.3 lakh
No. of seats in all six IIMs: 1,500

IIMS stand for the top management institutes...

You stand a less than 1/2% chance to enter one of these colleges......

I often tell fellow mothers I meet...I want my children to be competitive...its important....they dont see enough of it outside I thought its good to remember this statistic....because it is only going to get tougher as years go by..

Another interesting statistics I found was that India has 369 universities.. and over 18000 colleges...that vye for student attention....

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mama Moments - Achievement or Despair

My daughter Tanya was introduced to her first swimming class when she was little over Bangalore....With all excitement and enthu ....we got up one morning...and I had a child who refused to swim....and cry...well to make the story short after about 4 classes I gave up,,more out of circumstances...that needed more attention.....

Then in March 2005 she (age 5 years 3 months) on her own told me I want to learn swimming ( the motivation being when she had kids want to have a play date at the swimming pool I would restrict her to baby pool ...) I found her a new lady teacher started her classes when she had her annual break... she took classes almost every other day ... for about 2 weeks and I could see her being highly motivated... to try and swim...

and then she continued her 45 minute class once a week....for almost a year....

The only notable achievement so to say she could do Breast stroke quite well...
After a year I prompted the teacher we need to move on....and she continued to learn Back stroke and her teacher kept telling me she says she gets a head ache when she does free Tanya just didnt learn it....but she was very comfortable with water and it meant a even in a 2 metre deep pool.

For this I am to date grateful to her coach...- Lay Peng....

Then in Taipei ...I just found one set of classes....and they were grouped and free style being most important....she was taken only at level 2. nothing much came of the ten sessions...then there was some notice I received and as enthusuastic I can get ,I took her to do try outs - but the moment I mentioned she does not know free style...I was turned down ..not even given a chance to try .but I didnt give up...

The next time a tryout was announced for school teams ...I ran after school changed her to her swim suit....and had to leave her with the leading coach who monitors attend to Riona....

when I am back in few minutes...I see my daughter..doing laps at the tryout coach's instructions....he would just walk down the pool deck...and say freestyle , change...then breast stroke,, then back stroke.....and I saw her persisting and trying...knowing her weakeness in free style..I could see her switching strokes when she is done about 20 mts...but she did it....and at the end of it I was told ...ok she can join the "Baracudas Team" - next Semester....and we would improve all her strokes...

I was so excited and happy....and yet so nervous....I knew most others were great swimmers and she just managed to get selected...

So for the last 2 months she has been getting group trainings 2 times a week from the school coaches....they do about 10 laps a session at the minimum....she participated in a couple of meets more to establish her own timings....and as expected she still tries to concentrate only on breast stroke and back stroke....

She also told me in summer holidays can you get someone to teach me Butterfly stroke..
So I got her 4 half hour sessions and I believe she picked up the basics...

Then there was annual championships at the American Club...Here was an opportunity to test her competitive spirit I thought...

She was allowed to register for 5 individual events....
So I chose along with her chose 25mts - ( free style,back stroke,breast stroke,butterfly.)and 50 mts in breast stroke..which by far is her strongest..

Well the competition was tough and every event had heats and they would select four finalists...

She tried her all be selected for two finals...
as expected in Breast stroke....

The timings of the four finalists were displayed....and it was all too obvious that she had the worst timings and a good 5 secs to catch up for even a third place...
and as the competition took place...I saw a mature 7 year old...with full knowledge she is swimming against much better swimmers put in her best to finish 3rd in both competitions to win 2 well deserving bronze medals....

needless to say I felt proud and a sense of achievement and most important she was least affected by her performance.(several kids were upset)...she went there and did her best....I think I would have been more upset if she had failed to win any medals....infact I saw her even trying to comfort the 4th place winner....thats what I thought was remarkable and display of true sportsmanship....

So we went home jubilant as we can of our daughter's achievement...for the day....we kept telling her you put up a good show and did a "GREAT JOB"...

And Next day was Riona's day where they had events for 5-6 year olds...she had just turned 5 less than 2 months ago and been introduced to swimming lessons formally last Summer....(July 2007)

She had only one race 25 mts kick board....all set and I tried every trick to motivate her.....and my expectation was she should just do a lap....time didnt matter at all.....

well ....on your mark .get set....GO....

Thats it I have a child who turns back with her kickboard clinging to me..."I dont want to swim" and lo...I was let down so much and wondering what went wrong...what could we have done better...And I know I have all the reasoning and logic she is still young....but what baffles me the spirit to try....well I guess its part of mother hood ...moments of achievement and we will wait for another opportunity,,,,.....for her to try again...and never give up.....

I hope this note inspires Moms who want their kids to swim....and also it was to acknowledge LAY PENG - her coach in Singapore for making Tanya love water and swimming....also her Father who tries to compete with her breast stroke doing free style....and also it will give me inspiration and persistence needed in months to come to get Riona to reach these levels....

Taipei Living

Thursday started off with attending a Language evaluation meeting for Lower school students....The only take away I had I need to spent a lot more time on their English Grammar /Comprehension skills...and I need to research to do what is an ERB score....

Having rushed to Costco to pick up the weekly groceries...I also had to rush back to deliver Basmati rice to another Indian friend...
and back to pick up Riona and take her to her Kumon class...
Tanya had her swimming session and went on with her jazz dance session after which we returned home......

Friday was community day for 3rd Graders so another day a school...I try to be at home as much on Fridays...
It amazes me the parent representation these events have...
The children had a great time.... day to relax...well evening had to pick up Riona from her music class and we went for the High School Musical Play...:"Once upon a Mattress". It was a fabulous show ...put up by high school students....Tanya sat through the whole show and enjoyed it... We went for it to expose her to some Theatre and drama as its over a year since she discontinued her favorite drama classes.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Taipei Living

Another day in Taipei

My attempt is to do this daily log atleast for 5 days and must tell you its hard!


After dropping Sedj I needed to attend a meeting at a school - South of Taipei...Neither have I been to the school before nor to the I started the day's adventure rather cautiously...and decided to take MRT ( Mass Rapid Transport) System.

After parking in a familiar location I decided to take a 500 mt walk to the station...on the way I noticed and took a few pictures of bicycles get parked on top of each other and how the electric scooters have been provided charging facility.Its a new sight for see bicycles stacked on top of each other..

Bicycle Parking

A typical MRT entrance and a map

Electric Scooter Charging

I got into the already packed train and decided to venture to my destination.
For those coming to Bethany via subway, the Tai Power stop, Exit #1 will bring you almost to our doorstep. It is just a matter of about a five minute walk to reach the campus.

I had the following instruction sheet
When exiting the subway stop walk south-west (down and to-the-left on the map) on Hsin Hai until the road ends. Cross Hsin Hai and walk south-east on Ting Chou (down and to-the-right on the map). Bethany Campus is the large orange tiled building about 100 yards down the road on the left, across from a large hospital.

Having come out of Exit 1 I am wondering what is south-west- (lesson to be learnt may be should carry a compass) I am looking for Hsin Hai and the only road I could assosciate with is Xin Xai.. well that diffferent can be road names when they get translated to English from Chines.Having lived in Taipei now I am getting used to and guessing the assosciated nomenclature.

After asking couple of pedestrians with the written Chinese address 25 minutes before the scheduled start time of the meeting....the security guard who spoke only Chinese...was convinced I was at the wrong place and kept sending people fromthe office who spoke little English to make sure I needed to wait there till I met one of the actual members came in....

I met a group of great commited parents ..all volunteering.....and most of them spoke fluent Chinese though they were not from Taipei....I for the first time met an Indian lady who said is Translator...who spoke fluent Chinese...

Well after the meeting I caught the MRT and headed to TES (Taipei Eurpoean School ) for their Grand opeing...I hardly saw any program but managed to meet a few parents at lunch....and actually got some info on skating classes for kids...see sometimes you get what you need just being around....

Came home to catch up on my email...again to run to pick up Tanya from voice training class and headed home....

Evenings are hectic at home.....both kids have piano classes and a long break before their Chinese session.

This was one of those days Tanya did not sit through the class saying her legs are under pain....because of a PE activity of running 2 rounds in the field...
well we took the time to discuss what can be achieved in Chinese ove next 6 months...

So yet another hectic day gone by...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Taipei Living

16th October 2007.

This post is more a note for myself to read 5 years from now and have a good laugh at some of the adventures/misadventures in Taipei...

Tuesday - was going to be yet another day....
The wake up alarm goes off at 5:45 AM and after snoozing it for 3 times I finally crawl out of bed at 6 AM for yet another action packed day.

The usual chores of getting kids out of bed ..Tanya is seen off at her bus stop by 6: 55....I got greeted by an American neighbour who moves her house today to another part of the we said our usual Goodbyes and we will meet soon ....also a message to pass to another neighbour from New Zealand....who I would meet 15 minutes later....when I put Riona to bus at 7:20...

Both the kids to school I realised that Sedj still in bed.(as he was working very late)I thought I might as well go to Gym quickly changed and off to gym for a half hour workout....and came back only to take a shower and leave for a movie...

Well that was my first venture into a multiplex/theatre in Taipei...

I am not a movie person...and I rarely watch ...may be a frequency of one in six months.....

But this was a movie I had heard some ladies discussing its a "must see" and even Sedj (who is more a movie watcher than I ..he can easily watch a movie a day if he had the time...)had mentioned that we must see it...I said "Lets go for it on a week day when kids are at school"anyways he had to take off that day as I needed him to do some babysitiing in the evening.

Trust me I just thought it was another "Hollywood movie" till about 3 days ago Sedj told its a Chinese movie done by A Taiwanese Director.

So much so is my movie in a scale 0 to 10 I would be competing at 0.

The movie we were going to watch is Lust ,Caution

So having heard only the English name I could not figure out it was a Chinese movie...

So we set 9 Down town to catch the movie in time at 10:25 AM.
We took along some passes we had...and the English newspaper with show times and movie reviews....

The traffic is very heavy in the morning and to find parking and figure out how to exchange our passes and where to go...typically any movie place would have over 10 movies running at the same time...and most signboards for anything would be in Chinese.

so we exchanged at our tickets....the counter guy asked us we wanted pop corn and we said yes..what we didnt know we were handed over a hotdog, a drink and a big box of popcorn each and we had to pay for only the popcorn and hence the question? ...So balancing all of them we were seated in an absolutely empty about 10:22 AM so we said " just in time"...

By 10 :30 ..we were wondering...whats wrong the movie had not I dug out the tickets which had some details like hall number , seat number, time as 10:40 ( which I noticed then) and something saying "KINGDO" as usual all else in I said lets go and check with the guy at entrance...with the newspaper we have "are we at the right place?"...the newspapers gives the movie name in English and Chinese always...

so in two we figure out we are siting in the wrong hall and apparently the "Kingdo" is for a movie : Kingdom Falls" basically the guy at the counter just assumed we won't watch a Chinese movie and hence gave us an English movie ticket.

anyways as usual Taiwanese are extremely considerate to foreigners knowing I guess our inability in their language we were quickly shifted to a hall where the movies was running so finally 8 minutes late at 10 : 33 we were watching the movie....we had no arguments /scuffle...I think they just realised they didnt understand and they even gave us the same seat numbers moving some viewers who were already seated..I guess its easier to explain to them in Chinese than to us...

So thank God we got to see the right movie!

It was a 3 hr movie....a different kind than usual I have never watched a Chinese movie...and thank God it had English Subtitles.

So after the movie we headed home just to pick up some things and Sedj can download his email for the rest of the day's action. So from say 8:45 to 1:45 - all we got to do was watch a movie...I thought that was too much time to "just watch a movie"

We reached school by about 2 ...and juggled with having pizzas while we get the car to a parking space...

We had an appointment at 2:35 with Tanya's teacher to watch avideo clipping we missed on another occassion...

Its amazing how a 7 year old can introduce herself in a typcial American accent!

" I love horse back riding....I swim breast stroke and back stoke...I love to keep a hamster and my mom wont let me since she thinks it tough to look after"That was her Introduction to all her Class Parents for the open house.

Mind you ...she has never done any horse back riding ( so it must be just fashionable to say) and swimming she does ( thats a message for me dont try to tell me to do free style and butter fly strokes) and hamster...( again I think its just the peer pressure as most of her classmates have pets so you need to sound cool)

Then we peeped into Riona "JAZZ" class to find out she decided not to dance that I had to go in give her usual "motherly threats" " if you dont dance then you get to watch TV" and in a second she is joining the group to dance...

Then I exchanged library books so I get some books for Riona to practise reading and bought tickets for High School Play"Once upon a Mattress".

So by 3:30 grabbed the two kids Tanya from her singing class and left her with Sedj and rushed to take Riona to her Kumon class- its a 15 minute activity but the walking up and down takes another 20 minutes...

so finally I was back at the swimming pool at 4:15 as I was an assigned Timekeeper for the Swim took over from S( he substituted me for 10 mins) and packed the kids home with him...

Its amazing how even 7 t 8 year olds compete in swimming for 100 mts and 200 was out of my duty by 6:15 the way this was the reason Sedj took off today so that I can prevent two tired kids hanging out with me 3 hrs at a swimming pool...

I got home to make dinner for them..mind you made "Appams for Sedj and Dosa for Tanya".and I can relieve Sedj to go for his Squash match....

While Tanya had her shower and did her homework and was in 8:30..Riona had a good nap while I was out time keeping so I still had the challenge to keeo her occupied....

So she decides I read her a did couple of small books...then she says by 9 PM...I want to play Games...thats one thing I always guilty I have not managed to teach Riona enough..of these indoor I said lets I just said let me just play with her so the dishes still to do..and the laundry we decied to play draughts....I am going to give it a good try this I said to we played a full game of draughts as I tried to make her understand...then once we were done with that she decided we play scrabble,

a photo of scrabble game

One Day in Taipei
so we played another game of scrabble...though by then I could feel I am really getting tired....I still made a few words in an effort to make her understand....and at 10 pm she is still wide awake...and full of energy and says I am I decided to give in to her and gave her some chips to eat...while I did my Laundry and dishes....mind you I left the house early morning...

By 11 PM I am telling ( or screaming) her " go to sleep "mama is tired" ...and we went to bed....

What a day!

So I thought its good to write I spent each day say for a I really need to find some time for myself....

So here I am on Wednesday morning 5 AM blogging so that I do keep that promise to log a week of my life in Taipei.

Having done over 100 posts I want to make it 200 this life unfolds!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Taipei Living

Today we complete one year in Taipei.

A city absolutely unknown to us a year ago.....and knew little ...we completed a year as a family!

I attended a course in Singapore to be certified as a Professional Trainer and one of the things taught to us trainers was...a Learning Cycle.

The three questions one should ask oneself/group after any milestone or activity.

SO I thought I can analyse my one year stay in the same tempo...

What went well?
What can be done better?
What did I learn?

So what went well in Taipei?

  • We had a quick settling phase....15 days we were more or less far as infrastructure and house, school were concerned....Our first 15 days
  • We visited several places within Taiwan and in less than a year we almost covered all important attractions..Some of the places we covered
    Window on China
    National Palace Museum
    Sun Moon Lake
    Ocean Park Hualien
    Taroko Gorge

    Cities we visited

    Tokyo - Shinjuku, Akhibara Tokyo photos more Tokyo Photos

    Kids learned new things like
    Tanya for the first time got to sing a Duet on stage
    Tanya did Oil Painting for the first time.
    Tanya knows to play with a Chinese YoYo.
    Tanya began to swim all four strokes - 50 mts.

    Riona is learning to read.
    Riona learned to swim.
    Riona began Kumon.

    I for the first time learned to cook and became a "Home Maker"..
    I have learned to drive on the right side of the road.

    Some thrills of living in Taipei

    Buying an Indian Kurti for less than NT.50 ( US$1.5)
    Buying a pair of Good Jeans at NT 150 ( US $ 5)
    Got to celebrate Holi for the first time in my life.

    There are several other thoughts that I will keep adding as the thoughts come along....
  • Dosa

    How to make Dosa!

    Ths blog is one of a kind I never thought I would ever post!

    Well! times change and I change with it too... so now I can make a decent Dosa

    I had couple of friends who asked me if I can write the recipe how to make the Dosa Batter....I for one learned it a year ago when I moved to Taipei as I had no choice but to make my own batter!

    Here is the recipe!

    A Dosa is a traditional bread or pancake made in south India.Though I think when I grew up I think its orgins are from the state of Tamil Nadu.
    In its plainest form it is a thin, lacy, crunchy-chewy crepe.
    It has many forms and variations and there are shops /restaurants which make just "DOSA"

    My attempt here is to give you the basic recipe!

    This is a perfect bread for people with food allergies to wheat or dairy products.
    It is a high protiens diet too..

    Ingredients for making a DOSA
    1 cup urad dal (white lentils)
    2 cups white rice- it has never been successful with brown rice.In most parts of the world it is also referred to as idli/dosa rice.
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon Fenugreek

    The Dosa/Idli Rice used


    To make the batter:

    Dosa batter is fermented.
    That's where it gets its slightly sour flavor, as well as the texture that makes it hold together through many forms.
    It takes 36hrs to make but it's very worth the wait!

    First rinse the urad dal in a bowl of water until the water is clear.
    Then put it in a steel or glass container, cover with about 2 inches of water,
    and let it soak for at least 8 hours.
    Do the same with the rice.
    I typically put it say about 9 AM .

    After 8 to 12 hours, use a measuring cup to transfer the urad dal to a blender. Add the fenugreek. I typically do it just before dinner.
    Try to just add the urad dal and leave most of the water. After the urad dal has been transferred, then add enough water to cover it by one inch.
    Blend on high for two minutes total. 30 seconds at a time.
    Add 1 teaspoon salt to the last minute of blending.
    Transfer to a large steel bowl with lid.
    If you don't have one, use a cooking vessel with a lid.
    Repeat with the rice, except blend for 2-3 minutes total,30 seconds at a time.

    The blender I use!

    After both urad dal and rice are blended, add them together in the large metal vessel and mix them together with a spoon.
    Make sure the batter is not too thick or too thin. It should be about the consistency of thin pancake batter.
    If it's too thick or too thin it will affect the fermentation process; it just won't froth up as much. Put a lid on the bowl but do not snap it down if it's that kind of lid.
    Just set it on top in such a way as to keep critters out.
    Now it needs to ferment.
    If you live in a warm climate, you can simply set it on your countertop.
    In cold places,turn on your oven light for a few hours and set the bowl in the oven.
    Then turn it off after the oven is nice and warm.
    The batter will need to ferment for atleast 12 hours.
    No more than 24 hours or it will get spolied.
    You can tell when it's properly fermented when you see that it has frothed up.
    It will also smell sour.
    Stir it and add about 1/2more teaspoon of salt. Now you are ready to cook with it!
    Unused dosa batter will keep in the fridge for about 7 days.

    Dosas (traditional crepes)
    Heat a large flat nonstick Tava - a flat pan on medium heat for about 5 minutes.
    While it's heating up, pour some healthy cooking oil into a small cup (like a teacup) and put a teaspoon in it. Set aside.
    Get a ladle to use to make the dosas.
    When the pan is hot enough, spread a little butter or any cooking oil.
    Spread with ladle about 1/4 cup batter in a circle on the pan.
    Quickly but very gently use the bottom of the ladle, starting in the center, press down slightly and make circles, working out to the edge of the dosa.

    You want it to be practically paper-thin.

    Gently turn with a flat spatula and let it cook for about 30 seconds on the other side (one side will be brownish and one side white).

    Serving suggestions:
    Dosas are traditionally eaten with thick curry - Sambhar.
    They are torn off in pieces and then used to rinse in the curry between one piece of dosa so the hands won't get any curry on them.

    Monday, October 08, 2007


    • Academically, “British System” is more advanced than”American System” in the beginning years. But it balances out in the higher years. Would you agree? Elaborate.

    Answers to the second question!
    I agree with the part, “British System” is more advanced than”American System” in the beginning years. But I don’t agree with latter part…

    Because in the latter part both systems have plenty of choices and so your child can survive the Lower level math’s and science if he or she is not academically inclined …systems give u so much choice that you really can’t compare to a traditional O level or say the Indian system. This is where I love the Indian system where a basic foundation is laid out for at least first 10 years of educations….till one is 16 year old…and the child is given equal amount of knowldege where as all other systems differentiates the level of information given too..

    Whereas the American System usually gives you a choice of varied disciplines and so the basic science and mathematics can be very minimal....

    The choice of subjects is available for detailed reading in this link

    So the question you need to ask as a parent does it matter to you if your child passes AP in Art History or French Literature or wood work…Does it matter to you? I for one still think subjects like business studies /science/math’s/economics appeals to me still! May be I am just old fashioned!

    What is the choice one faces at High school?

    Choices are plenty and I am sure it depends on one's circumstances..

    My first preference as an individual is
    Central Board of Secondary education

    Over 12 million students annually
    And over 9000 schools

    The curriculum can be found here

    The only reason I like it is it gives you standardized subjects till you are 16 years old and Grade 10.

    If you are in India my second choice would be ...
    Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) website

    This is very similar to the O levels - ICSE is available in India over 1500 schools across the country offer the same.
    In an international scenario where no Indian curriculum
    is available the choice for High School( upto 12th Grade) in my order of preference will be

    1 The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is an internationally recognized diploma program that provides a challenging diversified and balanced curriculum that prepares high school students for university.

    IB has more acceptance rates in universities compared to any other program. Check out the link if you want to make sure..

    2. The next choice available is the O levels or the IGCSE examinations.

    This is what normally the British Schools follow and they offer the following subjects given in the link below!
    The subjects are location dependent and school dependent.
    The General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level), or O Level, is the national school-leaving examination in several countries, including Singapore, Brunei and Mauritius (where it is taken as a 'group' examination – the Cambridge School Certificate. O Levels are normally taken in seven to nine subjects across the curriculum after 11 years of education. The courses usually require 150 hours of teaching over two years.
    O Level grading is on a five-point scale (A–E). Universities in many countries, including Canada and the USA, will admit students on the basis of their O Level performances alone.

    Links that provide a wealth of information!

    It is the norm that most colleges require 3-4 years of mathematics, science, and foreign languages.

    And finally we have the AP System to choose from!

    3. The Advanced Placement (AP) Program offers students the opportunity to study university level courses and earn college credit through standardized exams. More popular with American Universities!

    AP Program normally requires about 20 to 25 credits which is broadly divided as
    English – 4 credits
    Social Studies – 3 credits
    Fine Arts
    Life Skill

    So all in all upto 10th grade my preference is

    3.O level Progrm

    for 12th would be

    IB Diploma
    A level
    AP Program

    Trust this helps in putting your thoughts together!


    I have also listed other generic factors which I really didn’t use much at this stage but did when I first chose a school for Tanya when she was 4 years old.
    The way to go about it is give as score in a scale of 1 to 5 for each question with respect to each school.Add them up and you will get a rough idea which has more positives!

    Other factors one should consider
    1. What is the philosophy of school about education?
    2. What is this school's approach to student discipline and safety?
    3. Is the school staff helpful and friendly? Is the school orderly and neat?
    4. How is student work displayed?
    5. Do the students appear to be courteous, happy, and disciplined? I would always like to hear “what the kids talk about in playground”. Do they talk about “movie stars or latest video game?” What is the kind of language they speak – I would really detest if every second word is foul language.
    6. Is there a welcoming attitude toward all parents or the school discriminate?
    7. Do the teachers appear to be helpful and friendly?
    8. What is the principal's attitude toward discipline?
    9. In what extracurricular activities is the principal most interested?
    10. What is the principal's reputation in the community?
    11. Is the principal usually at the school and available to talk to parents?
    12. How does the principal respond to parental concerns/complaints?
    13. What is the principal's attitude toward students with diverse learning
    14. According to the principal/Admissions Coordinator, what are the school's strengths, weaknesses and improvement areas?
    15. How does this school encourage and monitor students' progress toward meeting grade-level standards?
    16. What kinds of library resources are available to students?
    17. How is technology used to support teaching and learning at this school?
    18. How do the arts fit into the curriculum? Is there a school choir, band or orchestra? A school play? Art classes?
    19. What extracurricular opportunities (sports, clubs, community service, and competitions) are available for students?
    20. How does this school support students who have academic, social or emotional difficulties?
    21. What are some of the school's greatest accomplishments? What are some of the biggest challenges this school faces?
    22. Do classrooms look cheerful? Is student work displayed, and does it seem appropriate for the grade level?
    23. Do teachers seem enthusiastic and knowledgeable, asking questions that stimulate students and keep them engaged?
    24. Does the principal seem confident and interested in interacting with students, teachers and parents?
    25. How do students behave as they move from class to class or play outside?
    26. How well are the facilities maintained? Are bathrooms clean and well supplied, and do the grounds look safe and inviting?
    27. What are some highlights of this school's curriculum in reading, math, science and social studies?
    28. What criteria are used to determine student placement in classes?
    29. How does this school keep parents informed of school information and activities?
    30. Is there an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA)? What other types of parent involvement take place at this school? Does the school expect parents to take a very active role?


    I got these questions from a friend by email and decided to reply on the post.
    Here’s a list of questions that you can answer when you get a chance, either on email or on your blog post:
    • You didn’t mention how you finally decided on the schools for your two girls. Or rather, if you had the free choice for both schools, for both girls, which ones would you pick?
    • Academically, “British System” is more advanced than ”American System” in the beginning years. But it balances out in the higher years. Would you agree? Elaborate.
    Answer to first question!
    You didn’t mention how you finally decided on the schools for your two girls. Or rather, if you had the free choice for both schools, for both girls, which ones would you pick?
    =================My answers – If one had a free choice for both schools with same infrastructure, reputation and acceptability and you were only choosing systems – I would prefer British System as it follows a more structured approach and there is a more or less a rigid basic knowledge every child needs to attain at every level. So if you are a “wandering family” it’s easier also incase you are forced to switch to another system. It also fits you to any part of the world than an American system which is more apt for the American Universities.
    Having said that we chose American System for my older daughter because we felt it was a great opportunity to experience infrastructure and extra curricular activities that she was never exposed too…also the foundation built in the prior 3 years was strong so I could take the risk and I continue to support Math’s and English extensively through home schooling.
    Having done that, it would have been convenient to just let the younger one too continue in the American system. But it was not to be as we did not get admission so as a result of circumstances she went onto a British system which is great in retrospect….as at least she is getting assessed and foundation is being built up on literacy and numeric skills and I am aware of the targets….For any resources is a great website for British System. I have been working with it at home with her and I can see the foundation getting stronger though slowly….

    Thursday, October 04, 2007


    Schooling - Part 3
    Now yet another city – a different country – no Indian curriculum available-

    I have two children- different ages and the choice was limited to American System of Education and British System of Education.

    Which do you choose?

    Priorities all changed ….

    And the choice was made by the situation and what we could get…so the result…..
    I have one child under going an American System and who is very happy and thoroughly enjoys it and I have another under going British System is very happy and thoroughly enjoys too …

    Now coming to the question I get how do you find the systems?

    The question I would ask any parent is the following

    • What is your expectation of your education?
    o How much do you want your child to be academic oriented…
    1 Are you ok if your child just passes each grade but is well all rounded …in sports/arts etc
    2 Are you happier if your child is top quarter percentile in academics but is just scrapes through in most extra curricular activities…?
    3 Are you the happiest if you child is in top quarter percentile and is also very good at all extra curricular activities - an ideal situation very few kids can make that mark and if they do majority would have had lots of external support from parents or others external to school.

    So the choice has to be made between 1 and 2 - 3 is the bonus....
    • What is the possibility of you continuing the same system of education for the next 16 years….?
    o Then you can afford to have an education that will take care of it itself over years…you are not worried of getting placed at lower classes when you switch classes.
    o But if you are like me where I don’t know what’s next then academics has to be strong in the earlier years else you should be prepared to miss a year every time you make a switch of curriculums – So what if the child has to repeat a Grade? – Good question – answer would help you to choose what focus you need when choosing the school and also your expecations.

    If you can answer these two questions – you sure do have the answers….but if both are uncertain here is my perspective….

    • I think “ do everything you can build a firm foundation” – I have seen that if a child reads earlier than his peers or solves mathematical problems earlier they sure have an advantage….can they survive without that advantage of course they can…..

    • Supplement as much as possible at home…I have tried very hard doing that and I believe it has helped so far….Hint: The question is are you willing to supplement or not? Or are you ok with whatever may be the outcome?

    • Are you overloading the child? – That’s a fine line you decide as you know your child best….I know my children are very happy if they have lots of activities they like and so I can get more academics done if they have more activities they can be engaged…- net result I am tired…but is the effort worth it …of course it is…And I can already see it every day….

    So that’s my perspective………and my very own….


    Schooling - Part 2

    Next in a new city far away from country we took the obvious choice.

    Let’s continue Indian education for our kids …great they would be taught like the way we were taught in a metropolitan city with a great infrastructure!

    But all other priorities changed…

    • School happened to be reasonably close but if it had been far and offered bus services we would have chosen. She was 5 then and comfortably takes the school bus. In fact to date one of her bus mates is her best friend.

    • It was a school which followed Hinduism as an ideology ….and children had to learn Slokas and Sanskrit….but we had no choice in a foreign country you can’t choose from many schools with CBSE syllabus. You at that time had literally one school or you can choose curriculums from other countries like (American, British. Canadian, Australian etc.) But of course you try to expose her to Christian Education on Sundays and religiously went to Church as a family on Sundays where they would have Sunday school for Children.( Note we never bothered about it when she went to a Christian School).
    • An upcoming school – yes this was so the choice was easy in this aspect…

    So ultimately it weighed on what was available and what is the price one has to pay than the priorities one started looking for a school. So all in all she went for 24 months and I still believe a great foundation was laid with a lot of hard work from our side at this stage…



    I decided even if I have one person asked me he/she likes to hear my perspective I think I have an audience and I will blog about it…

    What made us choose the school we chose for our daughter?

    • Proximity to home – The school was within a 2 km radius which helped avoiding traffic jams and unnecessary fatigue.
    • It was an upcoming school- The reputation was the school is doing everything to be among the best of schools. That was also evident to a few parents and teachers we enquired with and it was highlighted often in the local press.
    • It’s a Christian School. We are firm believers of Christian Faith and we thought it would be only appropriate to the same ideologies though the school had students and teachers from all walks of life.
    • It had an infrastructure my child can manage to cope with. Was everything out of the ordinary? No! But she could cope!

    Anyways after all the research and process The admission process that year it took us about 9 months and my daughter went to school about 2 months and we were leaving the city….

    And believe me we hoped she may spend next 14 years of life there!

    Wednesday, September 26, 2007


    Very often I have been asked for tips when friends and family travel to Singapore...
    Having been in and out of the city last 7 years....I think I can more or less answer the questions to most person's needs.

    This is the fifth time in last 6 months I was asked so I thought I might as well write a post so that anyone can use it as a reference...

    Some basic facts before I give you "What to see" in Singapore

    Republic of Singapore has an area of 699.1 sq km and a Population of 4 million.

    People comprise of 76% Chinese, 15% Malay, 6% Indian

    Languages widely used English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. Though trust me English can get you around everywhere easily.
    Time Zone : GMT/UTC+8 Electricity: 220-240V, 50 Hz County code: +65 Mobile Phone network: GSM 900, GSM 1800, 3G

    Now coming to "What you should see"


    Sentosa is a great island....and one can spend easily a whole day there.If you have only one day to sight see in Singapore this would be the place to go...

    It will be ideal to get to the island by the Cable Car.
    When you buy the Cable car tickets you normally get along with it admission tickets to some of the attractions on Sentosa..

    For a first timer my suggestion would be to buy a guided tour as you buy the tickets.
    Check out the options available!

    Some of the must sees are Under Water World and Dolphin Lagoon especially for kids.

    The timings of Dolphin Lagoon are 1.30pm, 3.30pm & 5.30pm daily ( do check it up)and hence need to keep it in your planning for the day.Also be at the venus at least 15 minutes prior to the show...they tend to get filled up soon!

    My recommendation would be to go on a week day as weekends would get very crowded..also if you have to do it on a weekend be there atleast by 9 AM.

    If you have another day to spend my recommendation would be

    The Jurong Bird Park , Night Safari and Singapore Zoo in that order.

    The easiest way to get there other than taxi is

    Take the MRT to Boon Lay Station and transfer to SBS number 194 or 251 at the Boon Lay Bus Interchange.

    The park is open from 9 am to 6 pm.
    I would recommend strongly picking up Park Hopper Tickets for all the three.They are normally valid for a month.

    Where to pick them up - at any othe venues or even online...
    The shows are really good so plan your time so that you can catch as many shows

    The show times are available on this link : SHOW TIMES

    If you can break off after lunch and move towards Zoo I think a good amount of time has been spent....

    Singapore Zoo
    The Singapore Zoo is a model of the `open zoo' concept. Its really a great zoo for families to enjoy!

    The show times of the zoo.I would recommend the night safaris shows if you have not enought time for all shows....The zoo is worth walking around and exploring...

    Its open from 8:30 to 6 pm

    So if one can spend post lunch to 6 pm at the zoo it would be ideal!

    For getting to zoo apart from Taxi I suggest the Zoo express the details in this link

    Zoo Express.

    You can ideally be there till 6 PM and have your dinner at the one of the food outlets and be ready for Night Safari which opens at 7:30 pm....

    Get to see the show first and then take the tram rides...

    Show Times:
    7.30pm, 8.30pm, and 9.30pm daily

    You can comfortably be ready to go back home by 9:30pm....if you do attend the show first.

    If you are a museum lover then there are two museums to visit .I have been to them myself only once...The only one I would recommend is Asian Civilisation Museum

    Check out the details on this link MUSEUMS

    If you are a park lover then I would recommend Singapore Botancial Gardens and the National Orchid Garden -Check out the details!

    So apart from the first 2 days schedule I suggested I thing Shopping is the biggest thing to do in Singapore

    Here is my favorite list of places to go while shopping in Singapore

    1. OG at Orchard Point Robinsions in Centre Point Mall and John Little (opp Centre Point).

    You can easily spend half a day in just these 3 malls...

    2.I am yet to see some one who doesn't go to Mustafa in Little India...Its a great shopping place... a whole day can be easily spend there on Syed Alwi Road
    Check out their site for how to get there!I also love the South Indian joint Annapoorna for some good Indian food!

    Suntec City is another of my favourite- Carrefour there is a definite stop one need to make!

    China town - a tourist attraction...definitely -after having lived in Taipei now not sure I can appreciate it enough!

    Sim Lim Square is a must visit if your favourite past time is shopping for gadgets.

    Singapore River Cruise is another attraction.Clark Quay- one can comfortably spend an evening walking around there..

    Singapore boasts of all kinds of food and restaurants ..ok my singapore favourite is Black Pepper Crab......and I like it at Jumbo the will see two of their outlets at Clark Quay

    Another great family destination is the East Coast Park and the beach there...

    And thats it for now so if any of you have any more questions do post a comment and I will reply ASAP.


    Wednesday, September 19, 2007


    No pleasure trip is complete without some shopping..I need to buy some trinkets...
    I picked up this lamp made out of shells and paid a fortune.....


    Some more photographs of our great Kenting trip!

    Baisha Beach


    We explored Baisha Beach and spent a good 2 hrs having a great time in the waves and collecting shells and corals..

    Baisha is a pretty and quiet bay with a pure white sand beach that runs for 400 meters.
    The beach consists of sand that comes from corals and seashells, with a calcium carbonate percentage of 87.6%.
    Shielded by the tableland to its east, the bay remains calm during winter, and is suitable for all kinds of beach
    and marine activities

    National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium
    2 Houwan Road, Checheng, Pingtung, 944, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel:886-8-8825001 Fax:886-8-8824504

    Weekdays: 09:00 - 18:00(Ticket Service Closes at 17:00)
    Weekend: 09:00 - 18:00(Ticket Service Closes at 17:00)

    A great museum - and we loved watching the penguins...They had over 50 of them..The acquariums are huge...


    Another important landmark

    Situated on the southernmost tip of the southwest cape, Maobitou looks out to Eluanbi across the Bashi Channel,
    and got its name from a cat-like rock that broke off from the cliffs. Here you will find a typical coral reef coast,
    with interesting landforms such as fringing reef shores, slumping cliffs, eroded fissures, columns, and potholes.

    All in all we had had a blast on the South Bay beach and our first feel of water sports...


    We set off to Kaohsiung on Thursday afternoon about 1:45 and was well within the city limits by 7 pm....

    A lot of construction activity is seen around the city for 2009 World Games.Also the presence of a major seaport is evident by the number of container trucks you see when you enter the city.

    Love River
    The Love River, which flows into Kaohsiung Harbor, has been the location the International Lantern Festival for 2 years in succession. It is a very popular place for the people of the city. The Love River is also a good place for walking.
    Why not stop off and sip a cup of coffee whilst appreciating the lovely and gentle river in the moonlight?
    Jenai Park
    Situated along the Love River, it was originally an underground shopping mall which was destroyed by fire a few years
    ago. Now, it is an environmental protection and amusement park. In the evening, along with the Chung Cheng Bridge, it is a good location for adults and children to go for a walk.Nothing more than can be easily given a miss...
    Urban Spotlight
    Situated on Wu Fu Road along the edge of Central Park, Its themes reflect the arts, music and technology. Worth
    seeing at night are the illuminations, especially the fairy lights woven around the trees. In the evening, the seats
    of the outdoor coffee shop are often full. Why not have a cup of coffee with your friend, listen to the jazz music,
    surf the Internet for free, or have fun with your children next to the fountain.

    We soon realised that there was really nothing much to see and left for Kenting by 10am...

    Saturday, September 08, 2007

    Nina's farewell

    Goodbye's are a part of expat living keep having to see people leave as they move back to a yet another country or back home.
    Nina was a Mom I met for the last 10 months as I left my daughter at the bus stop every morning!She moves on to Central China from Taipei!

    Saturday, September 01, 2007

    Welcome Back Party

    A great picnic to YangmingshanChintiengang - - with over 13 families.....every summer along with the school year opening new families move into Taipei .....this was one such picnic organised to meet up with the families who continued to stay and families who just moved into the city....
    We met at the mountains and had Pizza....we had Indian families coming from New York,Arizona, Singapore....

    Riona's 5th Birthday...

    Riona turned 5 on day that was very hectic for all of us.
    She started Year 1 at school in a new Campus and went in a school bus in the morning.
    Sedj managed to return from Hsinchu for the cake cutting

    Riona in her school uniform!

    Riona's first morning bus ride to school!

    Her cake ready for cutting ..waiting for Papa to come!

    All set!

    Her sister trying to have an upper hand!

    I had a great day!

    Friday, August 31, 2007


    My first contribution to Wikipedia and I am excited I learnt something new today!

    and my two cents worth added in Wikipedia

    There is also an advanced level of Pointillism called Hyper Pointillism. There is currently only one known artist who practices this - Niall Young


    Schools opened and Summer Holidays is finally Over....Much to my surprise the first week wasn't as relaxing as I wanted it to be....We are still getting used to school and routine activities...

    Riona is back to school and has been making a big FUSS every other morning....She doesn't want to go to school..Its hard to see her cry yet.... to force her to go...So far she is coping with a new campus , new teacher and new friends....

    And its Friday thats 5 days I am still struggling to find time to read/excercise....

    No time to plan what needs to be done for the activities they have signed up for...
    We are struggling to find time to practice music lessons...and do Kumon homework so need to give it another week to get used to a routine and to start planning for holidays...

    Voice Training

    Tanya started her first first voice training lesson.

    Her first song assignment was "Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?"

    Her teachers comments was that she has a strong voice!She enjoyed the lesson.

    Friday, August 24, 2007


    Art Gallery

    I am neither an Artist nor an Art Lover/Critic/Collector. I do admire simple and beautiful creations!

    Of late I have just been acquainted with a lot of artists - Alpana Ahuja - a great friend and a few of them I knew even from my college days! - Preeti

    I had a chance recently to visit an Art Gallery by the youngest Artist I have ever met so I really thought it was worth writing a note about her. I was amazed at her works and her first solo exhibition with over 30 unique creations. And she is all of 18…. a school kid (literally) but her paintings speak volumes about her depth and insight and perspective.

    I also took the opportunity to take my 7-year-old daughter who loves to draw and have a few guided works to her credit so that she may draw on some inspiration.
    Tanya's work

    Here is a photograph I manage to take with her in her first solo exhibition inaugration day…

    A few other shots of her exhibition-

    You can read more details of her in the leading local daily article in “The China Post”The Article

    So I encourage all of you to take the time and have a look if you happen to be in Taipei or else you can take a look at her website!

    Her Name is Devi Seetharam and her website is

    “Spreading the Wings” an exhibition of paintings by Devi Seetharam

    Duration:August, 7, 2007(Tuesday)~August, 26, 2007(Sunday)

    Venue: Angel Art Gallery

    106 台北市信義路三段41號1樓
    1F, No.41, Sec.3 Xin-Yi Rd. Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
    TEL:00-886-2-2701-5229.2701-5339 FAX:00-886-2-2701-3567

    She belongs to one of the teenagers who I found was really focused - and talented!

    Good Work- Devi!