Friday, August 21, 2009

New York City Pass

Once we were up next morning, we knew we had to get going and decide what we can do in terms of sight seeing!

So we were dropped at the nearest bus stop to take our bus to Manhattan....
We did not realise that it is going to cost 15 USD for one return trip so if four of us have to travel to Manhattan where all the sight seing is its going to cost us USD 60...well we bought the tickets and headed to The Metropolitan Museum of Art...

Here we decided to pick up a New York City Pass for USD 79 per adult!

The card gave us access to

Empire State Building Observatory
American Museum of Natural History & Rose Center
Guggenheim Museum
The Museum of Modern Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art and
The Cloisters Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises
Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

It also enable us to avoid queues at the it well worth taking it at one go....

So our first visit was to The Metropolitan Museum of Art..

Having seen the Lourve a week ago...I must say it was too much of museums on our way...but it had a great representation from the world over...
Here is a link to the photos!

Destination USA

Like I always say.....there are two reasons I write about where we go as a family....

Reason 1
I know children will forget as their encounter newer facets of fast changing life...
so I want my notes to remind them what we did as a family together...also what the world looked like when they were children....

Reason 2
I also hope some soul will find my tips useful and can avoid some pitfalls we make on our trips...

Unlike other holdiays...I did no research on this trip....for once both of us had visited the US on official trips and also we were staying with family.
Needless to say after our hectic trip to Paris...there was no time to here we take a flight on July 30th,2009 to NEWARK....

The girls were told just days earlier and they were too excited about "going to America" and also for getting to spend time with their cousins...

So here they are off to dream "Destination USA"

This is a list I maintain to tell them they have travelled widely!

3.SriLanka ( Colombo),
4.Malaysia ( Kualalumpur, Johor,Miri,Genting Highlands),
5.Brunei,(Bandar Seri Begawan)
6.Japan ( Tokyo,Hakone)
7.Hong Kong
8.Taiwan( Taipei,Kaoshing)
9.New Zealand ( Auckland, Taupo, Napier,Paihia almost all of of North Island except for capital city Wellington)
10.United Kingdom (Wales, London)
11.France( Paris, Versailles)
12.United States

We arrived past midnight local time to be picked up by my brother in law and 8 year old niece( I believe she was too excited and insisted on coming)...We had an elaborate dinner home cooked by my sister. The girls continued to play for a couple of hours because of sheer excitement..... till just exhaustion led them to their beds..