Sunday, May 31, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire (26 of 31)

I had an opportunity to view the movie recently and actually wanted to write a review.

Meanwhile I had a discussion with a good friend of mine who incidentaly told me that she had written a review.Just got a chance to read her perfectly summarise my views on decided to just link my blog to the article.

Also I loved the way she wrote and wanted to encourage her to do more such reviews.

Its in a magazine which becomes the living guide to you if you are an expat in Taipei.The Magazine Link

Here is the her review.Once you open the magazine ..her review is on Page 16 and 17.
I would love to hear comments on the same.

And Anu...I hope this serves as an encouragement to kick start your writing career!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Things I ponder about (25 of 31)

These are things that make me wonder!...

This is a headline from Times of India.

First time in history, average Indian's income crosses Rs3000

If you are wondering how much that is Rs. 3124 is 66 US Dollars or 41 British Pouns or 95 Singapore Dollars or 46 Euros!

How much can an average Indian really do with 66 US Dollars of 41 GBP a month?....we have indeed a long way to go.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Things that make you proud as a Mom! (24 of 31)

I never grew up as a very confident person and never belonged to the bubbly, daring sort if you understand what I mean?

I wanted my kids to be very confident though and be very sportive...Cant yet say if they have reached that yet..but this was one instance I felt proud...

This was in Slate Museum - the activity itself was not thrilling but when they asked for a volunteer my daughter promptly responded even before I could do the usual nudge....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trip to Wales (23 of 31)

The second day we set out to take the Sonwdonia Mountain Railway ..As the weather was really warm and sunny as expected there were crowds everywhere...Although we reached the venure before half past nine we got ticket only for 12:00 PM.So we went to National Slate Museum and a 12th century ruin before heading to catch our mountain train.

The mountain railway was not stunning as I had expected ....I was expecting it to be like a mountain trip to Hakone!

It had beautiful meadows and lots of people walking and biking along its different pathways.

We headed off to beach after lunch and had a great time before haeding off to dinner in the Harlech Castle Restaurant

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Art Investment - III (22 of 31)

This is another piece that caught our attention.Will write soon on the artist and his works.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trip to Wales (21 of 31)

Day 1

We set off on Saturday morning to Wales.Our destination was Snowdonia Mountains and Coast.You can read about all regions of Wales on this website.

We arrived around 1 hour later than our plan...but we did start late.... The drive was uneventful although last 20 minutes we struggled to find the location where had arranged accommodation.We stayed at a country guest house and they were wonderful. It was our first experience of a bed and breakfast(B&B) arrangement.

The other family arrived earlier so it felt good to be greeted with familiar faces. We quickly checked in and decided to King Arthurs Labyrinth We did the underground adventure tour and the girls had fun going around Bard's Nest, while the adults decided to shop at Corris Craft Centre. We loved the shop that I have linked here and was quick to pick up a pendulum Clock. If you go to Wales and are inclined to shopping this shop was well worth a visit. The shop is called Simply Leather Here is a picture of the variety we liked lifted from their website!

Then we had a relaxed dinner at Victoria Inn , highly recommeded by our host. Its a great place to relax and very kid friendly.

We did try to find the local beach and located too but was too tired to take the walk after a the long drive.So we decided to head to our rooms for a well deserved rest.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Santhanam Krishnan (20 of 31)

As promised in my post below is the biography of the artist.

Here is a link that provides ample details.

Santhanam Krishnan Biography

Here is a link to one of his Solo exhibitions which inspired us to collect a work of his.

Santhanam Krishnan's exhibition "Open Doors"

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Art Investment - II

We considered the following points when we decided to invest in few original pieces of art work.

It may help you decide when you plan to invest in Art.

Do you like the core aesthetics?
Do you like the theme and style?
Are you comfortable to be associated with the art work?
Does it come within your budget?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Box Files (18 of 31)

I am learning English -4

All my life I referred to the following items of stationery as Box Files.
In my search of buying a few to file some papers at home, I discovered that these are not referred to as BOX Files!

Box Files are the types shown below.

And the first type are called Lever arch Files!

I told you I am learning English!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Art Investment - I( 17 of 31)

I wanted to write a few thoughts investing in Art!....The above painting is one of the very few original paintings I own!

This is done by a contemporary Indian Artist....More on him coming soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

NaBloPomo (16 of 31)

I am midway though my commitment of posting every day.It makes me think and feel I did something I did everryday.I dont have hundreds of readers to boast of but I feel satisfied of the learning I get out of it.

For the few who have been reading A Big Thank You! and three people who have left comments " Iam honoured"

Here is a summary of what I blogged so far:

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St Patricks and St Georges Day Monday, May 11, 2009 6 of 31

Bournemouth and Brown Sea Island Tuesday, May 12, 2009 7 of 31

Iam Learning English-2 Wednesday, May 13, 2009 8 of 31

De-cluttering Thursday, May 14, 2009 9 of 31

Taipei 101 Friday, May 15, 2009 10 of 31

Dosa Story Saturday, May 16, 2009 11 of 31

Bank Holiday Weekend Sunday, May 17, 2009 12 of 31

The UK Monday, May 18, 2009 13 of 31

Grocery Shopping Tuesday, May 19, 2009 14 of 31

Plimsolls Wednesday, May 20, 2009 15 of 31

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Plimsolls! (15 of 31)


I am learning English – 3

Tanya :Mama , the teacher said I have to wear Plimsolls for PE tomorrow.
Me: Ok you take your trainers and see what happens!

That was the conversation between my older daughter and me one evening.

The Next day “Mama I wore the same shoes she said these are Plimsolls so I don’t have to take my trainers.”

Shoes she wore

So here I googled Plimsolls to keep myself updated:

Here are some facts I found:

A type of athletic shoe with a canvas upper and rubber sole, developed as beachwear in the 1800’s

Originally called a “sandshoe”acquired the nickname “plimsoll” in 1870’s from the waterline –Plimsoll Line referring to an imaginary line marking the level at which a ship or boat floats in the water

Ok what do other countries call them?

North America: Sneakers or Tennis Shoes or Chucks

Australia : Sandshoes

UK:Plimsolls/Pumps Also known as “Gutties” or “Daps or Dappers” in Northern Ireland, wales and Scotland

South Africa :Tekkies

India : Keds or Canvas Shoes

Couple of days later we had to go for drama classes so I told my daughters :

You need to wear Plimsolls! So Tanya turns around” Mama you know what Plimsolls are ? I thought you didn’t know! How did you know that? “ I didn’t realize she was secretly being proud picking up new vocabulary without her mother knowing in the English speaking country!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grocery Shopping (14 of 31)

These are just simple thoughts that may get you thinking!

How do you shop for groceries?

I do them online now except for the Indian Groceries (about 5 items) I make a trip once in 10 days to an Indian Store.

Do you have an idea what will be the amount you will be spending when you enter a grocery store?

I never do for the last 10 years. I don’t think it’s the right thing to do but I just enter and pick up what I want. I may look at individual prices but has lost the habit of trying to calculate the total even approximately before I reach the cashier ….well you know the reason why? This is what credit cards do to you. If I had to shop only with cash I will have to make sure I have enough before I take that impulsive decision to try a new dessert / ready meal option.This is an advantage of online shopping everytime you click Add you know the total is getting displayed in front of you.

Do you run to the store every few days to buy things you ran out of, or do you shop once a week with a list?

I dislike doing this and kind of get put off when I meet people who buy groceries every day.

While we were in Singapore we had an in-house grocery store within the complex and I know a few families (even with kids) who bought something everyday and even twice and thrice…never understood why they do that.

Are you an impulse shopper?

I am.. I buy if I feel like trying something .The only way to avoid the situation is “Don’t go to the shop”..I feel its not as compelling even if you see the same thing online.

Where do I shop?

I normally stick to one or two superstores I am familiar with. I cant tell you I did the same thing everywhere as I lived in different cities and they had different options?

In Bangalore I used to shop at Food World and later online at Fabmall now called IndiaPlaza. I would also have to visit a wet market for meat/fish/vegetables….

In Singapore I would shop at cold storage,fair price and the famous Mustafa.While I would shop both going to stores and online Mustafa was a must trip every 20 days for the Indian groceries.

In Taipei, Costco was my favorite followed by RT Mart.

And now in UK after having been to all the ones Waitrose, Marks and Spencer ,ASDA, Sainsburys and TESCO..I stick to online TESCO.and I have been happy….

Do you always make a list before you go?

Sometimes do but has a long way to go to make that perfect list that I didn’t miss anything.

It is said Grocery stores are designed to keep you in the store as long as possible.

All 'essential' items (milk, bread, produce) are located on the extreme corners of the store, so the shopper will have to pass by plenty of tempting items even if you're just running in for a quart of milk.

The most expensive products are placed at eye level (except for kid's products, which are placed at their eye level).

Products on display at the end of aisles are usually not on sale or a special buy.

Some Grocery List Making tips!

Attach a notebook to your pantry or refrigerator and make a list of items as you use them up.

Check the lists before you shop and you'll never unexpectedly run out of anything.

Didn't I sound like a Grandmother?
At least I thought so!

Never learn my lesson ( 9 of 50)

Note:If you dont follow US options Trading...Reading this would be a waste of time..
You may look at the labels on the right side and choose what is of interest to you!

My tally so far!

Total Trades-9
Wins -7(+13+21+21+18+28+19+28)
So net=39$

Today was a bad day for my usual lack of discipline....The Gurus say Traders goes through three phases in the 3 D's Disappointment/Discipline/Domination

Trading Summary for the day!

093336 DAV RF DIA Jun '09 @ 84.00 PUT 1.000 -290.96
094505 DAV RF DIA Jun '09 @ 84.00 PUT 1.000 -285.96
104259 DAV FI DIA Jun '09 @ 87.00 CALL 1.000 -124.96
114934 DAV FI DIA Jun '09 @ 87.00 CALL -1.000 124.03
155627 DAV RF DIA Jun '09 @ 84.00 PUT -1.000 214.03

The CALL transactions can be ignored so then then you are left with buy at 290.96 and sell at 214.03....thats a loss of 77 dollars ! OUCH ! that hurts...I am holding onto the other option as I am still hopeful that market will cool down this week...
Why I didnt hold on both ? Because I do not know for sure ...I need to trade by what I see and not what I think alone.

Economic News of the week!

May 19 8:30 AM Building Permits Apr
May 19 8:30 AM Housing Starts Apr
May 20 10:30 AM Crude Inventories
May 20 2:00 PM FOMC Minutes
May 21 8:30 AM Initial Claims
May 21 10:00 AM Leading Indicators
May 21 10:00 AM Philadelphia Fed

As all these economic news is in the next 4 days there will be high volatility and opportunities to trade! So I decided to hold one option since I was not disciplined to sell it at a small loss....was that the best thing to do ? Hell No! Should have taken a 40 dollar loss on 2 options and closed the trade within an hour of this time the sentiment took over the
I lost....the only lifeline here was discipline which I failed miserably!

Now if there was more money that I was trading with then the previous profits I would not have been wiped out ..thats where the concept of money management would have come in...You go to trade only less that 50% profits you made..or you always take away 50% of the profit you make...this is not possible with such little capital..Thats one way to looks at it....

The other way to argue is if you can't be disciplined with 500 USD can you be with 50000 of my mentors always said...if you cant double 1000 USD there is no way you can double 100000....well I can't prove otherwise yet....though I am not convinced...

Monday, May 18, 2009

The UK(13 of 31)

It amazes me how little I know of UK. Starting with the UK( didn’t know till now it is the commonly used term for the larger name of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) or Britain .

Other facts I am discovering along the way!
The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and unitary state consisting of four countries England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

It is governed by a parliamentary system with its seat of government in London the capital
National administrations in Belfast-( the capital of Northern Ireland)
Cardiff ( Capital of Wales) and Edinburgh ( the capital of Scotland )

Well how did I end up researching all this ?

We were planning to visit Wales in one of the “Bank Holiday Weekends” and every where I was reading about Wales they referred it to as in “our country – Wales”…for a moment …I thought to myself: Do I need yet another visa to enter Wales? never know when you hold a passport of a developing country like India.

If you do come by and check often I will write all about my new found knowledge on Wales!

Bank Holiday Weekend (12 of 31)

One of the terms I couldn't help wondering about our life in UK is "Its Bank Holiday Weekend".While world over, every country has bank holidays it is not necessarily that defines the weekend/holiday. The usage made me rise eyebrows the role banks play in London/UK....There are several countries I know of it could be a Bank Holiday but others will work as usual like schools .....its something I experience for the first time...that all holidays in the country are defined by what banks do???

Anyways I googled and found some interesting information:
This website defines the statutes under which these holidays are declared.

I also learned the British bank holidays are Public Holidays and have been recognized since 1871. The name Bank Holiday comes from the time when banks were shut and so no trading could take place. Not sure if that explanation holds true trading is not dependant on the banks working alone...

If you live in a country and have a similar practice as UK does it would be interesting to know..
Its the first time I came across a"Spring Bank Holiday" or a "Summer Bank Holiday"...I am used to having holidays for National days/religious festivals /or on birthdays of founders of the land and even harvest festival holidays!...not a holiday for advent of every season! It made me wonder why not have a holdiday advent of every month..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dosa Story (11 of 31)

Making Dosa( ) is something I had to learn for survival so that my girls will eat something healthy we landed in Taipei...So I went all out and learned as explained in this link...

When we moved to UK one of the things I packed in the air shipment was my mixi ( The Indian type) along with Urad Dal and Dosa Rice so that as soon as we move to our new home I can make it for the girls...While we waited to move to our new home...we managed to eat Dosa at this restaurant...

I made the first Dosa Batter as soon as we moved and the girls and hubby was happy and was feeling more at home in the new environment...Once that stock was exhausted and shipment never arrived still, a friend told me about ready made Dosa Batter that was readily available....and must say it was the easiest thing to make like you would pancake out of a readymade pancake mix..It costed a little under 2.5 pounds and you can between 15-18 Dosas...The batter is excellent and cant even compare to what we used to buy in Kochi/Bangalore/Singapore. And we continued to buy packets of it and dosa was part of everyday meals.

Then as we began settling down and unpacked things...I decided let me start making Dosa batter that I used to make back in Taipei ...I really dont like wasting things and I had stock of Ural Dal that is bought from Kochi/Singapore/Hongkong , taken by air to Taipei, stored under 0 degrees in deep freezers and now shipped to UK..So beyond the cost, the trouble of ensuring these things are in stock was part of the challenges every Indian family faced living in Taipei!

So one fine morning I made the batter which is close to a 24hr process... and made the Dosa Batter...and guess what daughter days"Cant you just throw this and get the one from UK...Its so much tastier"...I was determined ..and made them eat slowly...promising I will buy the readymade batter the following week...luckily I met families who still like to make the batter and was happy to part some of my Stock that have travelled half the world.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Discipline ...Discipline! ( 8 of 50)

Note:If you dont follow US options Trading...Reading this would be a waste of time..
You may look at the labels on the right side and choose what is of interest to you!

My tally so far!

Total Trades-8
Wins -7(+13+21+21+18+28+19+28)
So net=116$ ( I always keep myself motivated thinking this figure times 100 (LOL $11600 in 8 days)

My trading summary for the day = 28$( after commission)

Time Symbol Event Message Qty. Filled
09:32:08 +DAVRF Executed Bought 1 +DAVRF at 3.28
09:32:50 +DAVRF Executed Bought 1 +DAVRF at 3.20
12:19:51 +DAVRF Executed Sold 1 +DAVRF at 3.40
12:47:15 +DAVRF Executed Sold 1 +DAVRF at 3.40

The vertical red line indicates the time I entered the trade and exited!

Today was options expiring Friday...normally market tend to be a lot more volatile than normal Fridays!...
I did check out the economic news...but in my excitement to get into a trade and get out I missed the Michigan Sentiment Index...although I must admit I did realise after I entered the trade at 9:32...well as they say it was too late...and by about 3:10 PM UK time I was making a loss of 74$...Thats all my profit for all the trading days..

The Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index rose unexpectedly....and markets were reacting positively...well I am not a super economist to have guessed the options I had was NOT to trade for the day or get out before the announcement...

I did neither...that comes back to Discipline...Discipline and more Discipline...which I struggle with in my trading mission...
I held on keeping to the view by afternoon...reality will drive the markets than sentiment and I closed the trade with a small profit...Not always will the market follow my logic..if it did I wouldnt be blogging...I was plain lucky....
Happy weekend to all ..And see you all on Monday!

Taipei 101 ( 10 of 31)

This is Taipei 101...The world's tallest Building as it stands today.

I had thought of writing something else...when I received a comment on my blog...I changed my mind...and its always better to have a few thoughts under your belt when the weekend is round the corner...

Some basic facts about Taipei 101..

The building has 101 stories.
It is supposed to have the world's fastest elevators!(63km/hour)
It has an indoor observation deck on the 89th floor.

I feel privileged to have been there!

Current 5 tallest buildings in the world

Building, City, Country Floors Height Year
1. Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan 101 509 m 2004
2. Petronas Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 88 452 m 1998
3. Sears Tower, Chicago, USA 110 442 m 1974
4. Jin Mao Building, Shanghai, China 88 421 m 1999
5. Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong 88 415 m 2003

Friday, May 15, 2009

This is pure luck day! ( 7 of 50)

My tally so far!

Total Trades-7
Wins -6(+13+21+21+18+28+19)
So net=88$ ( I always keep myself motivated thinking this figure times 100 (LOL $8800 in 7 days)!Smells Good! Yum Yum!

My trading summary for the day = 19$

Time Symbol Event Message Qty. Filled
09:33:19 +DAVRE Executed Bought 1 +DAVRE at 3.07
09:36:21 +DAVRE Executed Bought 1 +DAVRE at 2.95
09:54:07 +DAVRE Executed Sold 1 +DAVRE at 3.10
09:54:52 +DAVRE Executed Sold 1 +DAVRE at 3.15

I was determined to take a PUT although the market showed a very narrow trading range in the furtures itself!...
One of those days one should be thankful not to have made loss!

De-cluttering ( 9 of 31)

I have been spending hours and days putting away things in my 3 month old home!...It seems to never end...and may be because I like to see every paper before it is thrown..

I found this my decluttering process....
I an sure you all can guess this building in the back drop!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I would like to have this as a normal trading day! ( 6 of 50)

My tally so far!

Total Trades-6
Wins -5(+13+21+21+18+28)
So net=69$ ( I always keep myself motivated thinking this figure times 100 (LOL $6900 in 6 days)!

My trading summary for the day = 28$

Time Symbol Event Message Qty. Filled

09:30:25 +DAVRF Executed Bought 1 +DAVRF at 3.38
09:31:36 +DAVRE Executed Bought 1 +DAVRE at 2.95
11:02:01 +DAVRF Executed Sold 1 +DAVRF at 3.55
11:39:46 +DAVRE Executed Sold 1 +DAVRE at 3.10

Today was one of those days where the market will go only one way...down....It was evident in premarket numbers itself...So the only thing that you need to keep an eye on can you enter the trade at a reasonable price...but could only get 15cents on each contract....

Why two types of contract ...( I had no money to buy the same contract so took a calculated risk to buy slightly out of the money).....As you can notice I always buy only "in the money" contracts...

And what is my target! ( Well the immediate goal is to double the money) to make 600$ on an average of say 10 dollars a day....thats 60 trading days (12 weeks...)add another 2 u can see there will be loss is inevitable! so in 14 weeks ...its my aim to double the money! So my account should have 1200$ balance!

And here is a thought... How many times do you need to double your money if have $1200 in your hand to make a million dollars?

P.S.Thanks Niall so much for reading and your comments....All praises to you for reading it....if someone had to write on a subject I am unfamiliar with it is very unlikely I will read it...Thanks for your encouragement!

And regards tutorials its always there in my plan of things!.Your comment makes me want to do asap...possibly after the NaBloPoMo....

I am learning English - 2 ( 8 of 31)

Well this time is at Roseby's.

I actually learnt a new word.

Having to look for some curtain for couple of rooms I walked in Roseby's to check if anything reasonable was there...All items virtually was on SALE! I picked up two packets both looked identical to me for some reason I chose one of them and went to the lady at the counter...I asked : Will this come with tape so I can use with the hooks( had that packet to show her )...She replied:Yes But this is only the Valance!

So here I am wondering in my head"What is Valance" so I went back to that section picked up identical design but three different prices and went to the Cashier and showed the picture on the cover and asked..what are these? She said "This is curtain and That is Valance"...So I bravely picked up the curtain and came home....and googled "VALANCE"

What is VALANCE?

According to Webster:

1 : a drapery hung along the edge of a bed, table, altar, canopy, or shelf
2 : a short drapery or wood or metal frame used as a decorative heading to conceal the top of curtains and fixtures

My apologies if all of you knew the word before ...well no one in my family did!

So I am learning English finally!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shall I say a Good Job to myself ?(5 of 50)

Note: Read only if you understand US Market - Options Trading

My tally so far!

Total Trades-5
Wins -4(+13+21+21+18)
So net=41$ ( I always keep myself motivated thinking ths figure times 100 (LOL $4100 in 5 days)!

No time for analysis I had a friend over but was determined to trade and a PUT.

Time Symbol Event Message Qty. Filled
09:35:06 +DAVRG Executed Bought 1 +DAVRG at 3.30
09:40:57 +DAVRG Executed Sold 1 +DAVRG at 3.50

I held the trade for about 5 minutes and made $18....and I called it a day.

Though ony 5% return I love such days...

Bournemouth and Brown Sea Island ( 7 of 31)

We had a lovely day trip during the Easter break to Bournemouth and The Brown Sea Island.
Its a must see if you have more than a fortnight in UK.
I have never heard of these places before but had a lovely experience...

Check out the photos on this link

As you can see its in the southern part of the UK.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Watching Paint Dry ( 4 of 50)

Note: Read only if you understand US Market - Options Trading

My tally so far!

Total Trades-4
Wins -3

The title aptly describes how my trading DAY went....

This week is the worst for day trading( the reason being I cant trade the option that expires this week.-Its too risky and the losses will be huge if the trade doesn't go my way!And the June option that expires on June 19th will not have enough volatility to trade)

Anyways since DOW futures were showing opening negative 100 didnt make any sense to trade a PUT...although DOW ended 155 points down at the end of day...
Had I known that...buying a PUT was better!

So I decided on 84 CALL +DAVFF....It altogether had a range od 50 cents for the day. which was not could scrape 20 cents off that.

Like I said...CALL options seems to hardly work for me...also I think I should aim for only 10 cents per option ....this week...

Transactions for the day!

Time Symbol Event Message Qty. Filled

09:39:21 +DAVFF Executed Bought 1 +DAVFF at 3.40
13:01:08 +DAVFF Executed Bought 1 +DAVFF at 3.20
15:54:43 +DAVFF Executed Sold 1 +DAVFF at 3.20
16:00:24 +DAVFF Executed Sold 1 +DAVFF at 3.12

I bought and sold one contract at the same price ( will still lose $2 on commission)
The other I decided to take a loss ( 3.4-3.12=30 (28+2).and closed the doesn't harm to hold it since you still 5 weeks to expiry..I still wanted to discpline myself and said" tomorrow may provide a better opportunity and also I should stick to my 30 to 40 minute trading day than watching the market for 8 hrs...what a waste! watching a option like that is watching paint dry!"

Monday, May 11, 2009

St Patrick's Day and St George's Day (6 of 31)

Well every country you go and every school my children attend will have its own set of special days!

When my 6 year old wanting to go to school all dressed in green on March 17th for St Patrick’s day….I had no concerns…I was all too familiar with St Patrick’s day celebrations myself in my school days ( the school being run by Irish nuns)…also my 9 year old was there to confirm.
Riona ( 6 years old ) came back very happy from school because in the Infants assembly the teacher made a special mention and told her “I am really happy you are listening in the assembly time. You look lovely in green today”….

And that was it…but when on April 22nd evening she insisted she needs to be dressed in red the next day…I was surprised…I had no clue what was coming….and my older daughter was no longer in the same school….well to my luck as I stepped into the car to drop my husband to the station…the morning show folks were wishing every 10 seconds ”Happy St George’s Day”…so as soon as I came up I googled (Thank god for internet) and figured out red was the colour for the day…So when she woke up I tried telling her you can wear your uniform under your red dress. but she would have nothing of it…So off we went to school in a red dress…

While taking her to her classroom I mentioned to her I don’t see any one wearing red…she said” mamma they all forget”…so I came home little worried…that the assembly she should not be the only one in non uniform….It wouldn’t do her good in a relatively new environment…

To make the story short when I went to pick her up I did see couple of children in some red clothes….but she did not look cheerful at all…So on my inquiry ….she said….”All the girls are saying I wore this dress before" and I think she did on red nose day…"so they said then it wont count!”.

Her excitement had all vanished away….and I was quietly happy that the next time she wont be so stubborn …and I will not forget April 23 rd is St George’s Day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why do you read a blog(any one's blog?) 5 of 31

Well I thought it would be nice for a change to see what would people read a blog for?

Thanks for taking the time to vote!(P.S. Please vote if you read any blog!)

I also thought I would do something quick for a Sunday Posting .Needless to say I finally managed to do this after working on it for hours!( well the usual challenges of doing something new!)


Saturday, May 09, 2009

Just saved my skin!( 3 of 50)

My tally so far!

Total Trades-3
Wins -3

Today is a hard day to trade …I am not sure which way will it go…Last day to trade May options ..( Rule : never trade in the expiring week.)

Premarket …very strong upward trend….all the economic news really didn’t show anything positive…it just said things are not getting worse!yet the momentum was strong upward!

Dow is expected to open 100 points up….so I may be better off trading 86 PUT….but I cannot hold …..Beyond my 3PM deadline!…well broke some rules yet saved my skin with a meager profit of 21

Now what did I do

Time Event Message
9:34:24 Executed Bought 1 +DAVQH at 1.92
9:42:23 Executed Bought 1 +DAVQH at 1.85
9:53:43 Executed Bought 1 +DAVQH at 1.70
10:03:03 Executed Sold 2 +DAVQH at 1.87
10:12:27 Executed Sold 1 +DAVQH at 2.00

As you may notice I had to hold till 3:12 PM to sell …I had to sell before I go to school to pick up the kids especially on a Friday! The option went upto 2.29 and went back to a low 1.67…but I was happy with what I could manage!

Managed to get out with a $21 profit….

Glad its weekend no trading for two days!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Where is Taiwan? ( 4 of 31)

Where is Taiwan?

My older daughter speaks in a perfectly American Accent …( It will soon be British Accent) She is often greeted with this question mostly by adults occasionally her peers…too..

“Are you from America?”

Initially she would say no…but now she would clarify “I just went to an American School?”. That would be followed by another question “where”…to which she would reply “Taiwan”…4 out of 5 persons would say ….Oh so you are from “America” and would continue with the chatters…..and she would secretly feel proud that she had a fine American Accent and anyways “Its cool to be American” in her perspective!…

If I am around I am often quick to clarify that she has never been to America and Taiwan is not in America…and some would promptly want to enhance their geography and ask where is Taiwan?…Then the best explanation that I have managed to say is its near Japan and all of a sudden I would be asked so she speaks Japanese also ? So here I am again explaining she learned Chinese and can reasonably write characters and blah blah

How long it took me to cancel a credit card? (3 of 31)

How long it took me to cancel a card?

After the morning rituals that include dropping husband to the train station, packing lunch for the three souls that live in my home, getting a quick revision of the 9 year olds spelling list of 16 words…and the 7 year olds insisted on having a Cheese pizza for breakfast apart from her glass of milk…and dropping the girls to respective schools…I am home by quarter past 9 to get through my day….

Oh yes! I must spend a little time in the kitchen to make the prawn I defrosted and the two fish pieces needed a 15 minute grills…

With all this happening I am thinking what should I be blogging on today and here comes the weekend is the bigger challenge…..I almost feel choked not having any time to myself on most weekends….

There comes a call from my “better half” get that DD (Demand Draft)..My mum’s medical insurance is due next week…and the draft should reach the agent on time….
Well it sounded like a 2 minute job ..Today with technology advancement it’s a lot easier …yet it takes time and the only person who appreciates is the one who does it…

So I quickly finished my so called kitchen activity ..Called the cleaner and confirmed if she is coming over today (she often turns up on her schedule than mine)….and here I am trying to make the DD. Then I remembered there are couple of Insurance payments due soon so might as well make that payments online and so I noticed my banker has charged me Rs.350 (5 pounds/7 US Dollars) as annual fee and its overdue…well I need to tell them reverse it or cancel it…you don’t want to end up having a bad credit history for not paying your annual charges! So I call Bangalore where the card is issued from …and I am very clear that I am not paying anything even though I have a decade relationship with the bank and I maintain a respectable balance in my savings account there…

Well it took me 16 minutes of talking…we talked / said the same thing…and how the bank was doing me a favor of charging 50% fees than a normal customer..Well I had all the details from 6 digits Telephone PIN to all security related answers… get a confirmation that they will cancel my card….whew! …..I wish I could do that with the click of a button some day…and guess what its 11 AM already and so I began to blog…..and often people wonder how do I manage to spend my time???

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Two times Lucky (2 of 50)

My tally so far!

Total Trades-2
Wins -2

Well my 607.26 is now is 620.33. That’s USD 13.07 I made …no matter how you look at it is 2.2% return in 10 minutes….

So here I do my usual homework….S&P Futures at +8 …all positive news…but the skeptic I am couldn’t figure out why the market should be going up….

So I decided to buy my PUT option of the day

DIA 86 PUT at 1.67 at 2:34 PM……and said let me make at the least 20 dollars for the time I need to watch it…( Greed for money!) and I was closed out at 2:47 PM at 1.90.
That’s a profit of 21 ( less 2 for Commission) That’s 12.5% return….

And by the time I was home after picking up the girls at 4PM I saw that option was 2.67 at 4PM So I lost out on 60 dollars at least but as I said it could have been a loss too.
So 10 % is the profit I need to be happy with …it’s the act of taking loss I struggle with…

I hear you why are you not buying 3 contracts and only 1….It take guts to gamble even with knowledge…and I don’t want to lose all my capital….

And yet another perspective …Had I invested say USD 1670 instead of USD 167 it would have been USD 210 for the day…(tempting! Right?!)That’s why I don’t give up even with all the huge losses…. And if I was the rich one I would have put in 16700 and made USD 2100 in 13 minutes….( wonder then Why should I be looking for a job?)…….well as I said..the losses are big in options so beware!

I am Learning English(2 of 31)

Tights and School Dinners

Its the first time I am living in a country where the official and only language is English.

My first language is English or I like to say so .From about 10 years of age I have thought and mainly written only in English.This is inspite of the fact we spoke Malayalam at home but since I went to a Irish convent boarding school I had no choice but to speak English.

So here I come to UK with all my English knowledge and I am surprised how much I dont know...

My first instance was in M & S

I have a list of uniform the girls are expected to wear.So for the legs it said Grey Tights or Grey or White Socks.

So I picked up the grey tights packet as in the photo below and asks the lady at the counter:

Me: " When they wear the "Tights" is there any need for socks?".
Lady: "These are the the normal tights even my daughter wears them to school all the time"
Me:"So do I need to buy socks?"
Lady: "This is the school Tights"

Well by then with two sleepy and tired girls as we then lived in Canary Wharf and was shopping in Croydon I decided I am buying it and we'll see what else is needed later.The reason is I have seen "Tights" without covering the feet and they end in ankles..not sure what you would call them in English really!

So I came back and decided to check the dictionary:
And my American dictionary said " A garment that fits closely and covers the hips,legs and feet" and my OXFORD Dictionary referred to similar adding usualy worn by dancers and acrobats..."

Anyways the girls liked it covering their feet. And I started to realise I need to be more watchful that I dont know enough English.

Then the first day of School I am told they can have School Dinners.Well in the whole of Asia Dinner is referred to a meal you have in the evening.And I firmly believed so.Well with the conversation that I was having with the lady at the school office I figured out it was their lunch.I couldn't help but ask why is it called "Dinner"..She had a quick reply "Well...its made in house and so it is equivalent to a home cooked meal(cooked in school premises) ,so we refer it to as Dinner"...Hmm I thought may be Dinner means a home cooked when I get home let me check it up...

To my surprise my Oxford Dictionary did say it refers to the "Chief meal of the day-whether eaten midday or evening" it did not say "Home Cooked"My American Dictionary only said it refers to the main meal of the day.

So I am learning English in the English Country!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Options Trading ( 1 of 50)

If you dont understand stock markets reading further will be a waste of time:

Well my trading account has a balance of USD 607.26 to be precise and accurate...
And I am on my mission to resume trading after a long break...

Now that we are in a different time zone...I can begin trading only at 2:30 PM and I need to be out by 3:00 PM to pick up the its a lot harder to trade.....

Nevertheless...I have to try and see if it works...I realised the US market open only at 2:30 PM just today...always thought they opened at 1:30 PM UK time....

So I did my wee litle bit essential Home work.

I trade only DIA....

Which month option to buy...well checked that May options expire on May 15th so I can safely trade till this Friday....

Buy May Option

World Markets have gone up...but there is significant news before the markets open...

So PUT or CALL...somehow I always feel comfortable buying PUT options and also since there is a mixed bag of news I thought let me go the PUT way.

I identified the option as +DAVQG ( May 85 PUT option closed at 2.15)

So I was all set Futures were up which means markets will open significantly open up ..but I was convinced there will be a pull back...

So as expected the option opened at 1.64 ....I placed an order for one contract and finally bought it at 1.65 at 2:31 PM (UK Time) I place a sell order for 1:80 following my thumb rule of max 10% profit....and I was filled at 2:40 PM...

So in a nutshell :

Bought+DAVQG at 165 Sold at 180.Profit of 15 less commission 2 = NET 13....
Day over...a return of 7.5 per cent in 10 minutes(sound too good to be true!)
Needless to say the option continued to go up as the markets for the day fluctuated upto 2.10 ( I sold at 1.80)...Now keep reading and you will read about the big loss days too...

I was happy I posted to my blog both for the "31 posts for 31 days" and my trading summary.

Blogging (Post 1 of 31)

I heard about blogging while we lived in Singapore and how easy it is to do blogging when I used to attend several seminars to figure out how to keep myself intellectually challenged while bringing up my two daughters. So my first posting was end of Aug 2006 and then we made this big move to Taipei in Taiwan.

I found blogging would be a great opportunity to jot down just living moments in a country I had not even heard of.

I also realized that if you don’t write down time just flies and you wonder what you were doing especially if you were not pursuing a career outside your home. I for one keeps wondering what I did in Singapore for two years.

So in Nov 2006 I started my journey of blogging mainly on Taipei Living and my daily encounters. I have managed to have about 180 posts over the 24 months ( so about 5 to 7 a month ) .I am not a big reader of blogs and I go to only two blogs regularly.

One being a college friend ( who began blogging around the same time) and went on to become a published author and one of an artist whose blog was introduced to me by PS I continued as it was a great inspiration for attainment of self discipline.And he happens to be my sole follower on my infamous blog!

I for one never achieved much other than memories of living in Taipei and bringing up my girls. So when I read about NaBloPoMo I said let me sign up and bring back some "self imposed self discipline".

Apart from posting daily, I thought I would get back to trading daily! Its been 4 months and you have to build a routine to keep sanity…in yet another place and still in the process of settling down…