Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bomb Blasts in Bangalore

Every six months when we visit India we make a fleeting visit to Bangalore.
The reasons vary from catching up with good old friends, doing some errands and visiting places we lived and shopping of course. Just the familiarity and great memories brings us back as often as we can...

This time my trip was being more special...for a long time I have not travelled alone to Bangalore also wanted to catch up with old friends and colleagues....

I also had some cumbersome errands in my list like changing address in my driving licence , getting my Voters ID Card....

So after contemplating several dates I ended choosing to spend 22nd,23rd and 24th in Bangalore.

I went around doing errands and visiting friends....all of two days and was wondering if I will ever get to shop...well finally I managed to shop at Forum Mall on 24th Thursday evening from 4 to 6 PM..after having got my address in driving licence changed and collecting my Voters ID Card.

And I was glad the highlight of the trip being to get a lot of work done through Govt agencies.

I finally took the train and was back at home in Kochi by half past 10 on
25th....and lo in another 3 hours...bomb Bangalore and the rest is all "news everyone knows:...

I just took a long breath and thanked my God for his unending protection on me!

I literally spent over 6 hours each day the previous three days(Tuesday to Thursday) the same vicintiy between Adugodi...Koramangala...the famous Forum Mall...

This is a true testimony of God's protection over my life.....and the highlight of the trip was I was safe home before the bomb blasts....and wasnt stranded in the traffic jams that followed...While my brother and sister called home to check if I did reach back safely...and I was grateful...I did not stay that extra day to do some more liesure activities....

I always believed ...When God plans....he plans for eternity in perspective...not looking only the present...

Praise God!

A verse that came to my mind from the Bible!

Psalm 91 7 A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Year 1

Riona finished her school on 27th June....and I was all set to do the last minute things before we head to Kerala for our longest vacation to my home town....

Riona has come a long way this year at TES.

Things she did at school.
She had reached Level - Green at her school Reading Scheme.
She can confidently read familiar words...though we still need to work on her decoding skills.
Her Maths skills are limited to basic addition and subtraction.

Her Year 2 teacher was leaving the school for good and Riona really grew a lot with her guidance.

Here are a few photos!

Some of Riona's Year 1 highlights are

Girl Scouts

JAzz Performance

Granny in year 1 show

Art Classes at Home

Singing at Church

Some photos of work she brought home.