Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fireworks - Acrostic Poem

A poem written by Tanya ( ofcourse with a little help from her Mom!)

Flickering lights almost blinded me as I watched

Illuminating lights over the Niagara Falls

Rare display of Fireworks I witnessed

Engraving lasting memories in my heart

Wondering how lucky I have been

Observing shimmering flashes frolicking in the sky

Rainbow sequenced colours that let you hallucinate

Kindling thoughts in mind that visualizes fantasies

Spectacular sights that lasts forever!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” Gail Devers

I loved this quote but thats not why I chose to write on determination.

I have a friend who lived by this quote!.....

We have been friends for over 20 years....while at college....over the years we lived in different cities and had only once a chance to live in the same city in the late 90's...Today we live about 3 hours apart and haven't seen each other since 2000.

about 3 years ago when we chatted both of us had discovered blogging recently....
I had just moved to Taipei and wanted to do something to keep myself occupied...while my friend anyways loved it was a great find....

Today she is a published author...and have over 100,000 her post for more details....and I have in comparison over 3500 hits...the difference is she stayed focused and determined to succeed...I love such people and admire them for their self discipline....

When I read her last post I was tempted to go and check her first few posts...
Today At the click of submit ...she gets dozens of responses....
Her first post

And this was the post I remember reading first though!

And now she had over 300 great pieces of writing and 100,000 hits.

As I said these individuals are living examples of determination and will to succeed!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Independent Homemaker: A Perspective!

The Independent Homemaker: A Perspective!

The Dependant Housewife

A quick read of this article posted on face book be a friend prompted me to write how different lives can be yet lot of similarities…..

The similarities being I bring home no paycheck, I have no deadlines (that is more serious than my daughters home work) and presentations (to convince my daughters why they should be self motivated!) and also I have a dependant visa!

I grew up with no career ambitions. Having brought up in family where it was not the norm for women to work out of home so I had no big ambition or dream…..but circumstances and life turned out in such a way that I had to work to maintain a respectable standard of living in my view….so I worked very hard about 50 – 60 hours over a decade in MNC’s.

The decade also included the fact that I got married and had my two children and was really struggling to cope with career aspirations, a demanding husband and two kids aged 4 and 2 that definitely needed their mother ……It was at this time that my husband’s company decided to move him to Singapore. Although it was a painful decision to leave what I called the best job I had in my life so far and I was doing well. I still took the challenge and we moved with the hope that I would quickly find something to do and get back to a working mother.

But things were different……I landed in Singapore with a dependant visa which allows you to work with written permission if somebody did offer you a job. It was a chicken and egg situation. No company wanted to do that- so you ended up not getting a job. Then the Head hunters would say we could find you a job if you have a PR status(Permanent Resident)…so as any one would do we got that done and realized the only jobs I was getting was not even paying me what I was earning in India and then the question arises is it worth it when you have a 4 year old and 2 year old at home…so I slowly, reluctantly gave up my dreams of continuing to work…..

I tried several courses, wrote some exams, tried teaching kids "money sense" but nothing gave me the satisfaction that I hoped to achieve. On the brighter side of things I did a lot with my 5 year old. I took her to several classes and exposed her to everything that was possible. But the test of your dependency on your spouse comes when we moved to Taiwan. Here I am in a country I don’t speak the language, drive on the left hand side and no domestic help and no Indian groceries.

On the positive side it made me make the best of what life has to offer. I began blogging for memories. Even I won’t believe some of the queer things I had to do.

I had to learn to cook and host dinners (never did I think I would need to do this!),
having to plan even sourcing from different countries for Indian groceries!

I had to drive the car on the left hand side everyday to take the kids. The girls went to totally different schools with different curriculums. I can write a thesis on pros and cons on any major curriculum offered in primary school. Just as I got a hang of everything and led a hectic life with lots of extra curricular activities for girls it was time to move on..

This time we moved to UK. Never have I been to UK other than a transit through Heathrow. I had to be on the road in UK searching for a home to live and for a school for my children to go to literally from Day 1 at freezing temperatures!.I must say my husbands contribution and knowledge was limited to buying me an “Oyster Card”, so I had to be independent to get going!

I would say these are bare essentials (home and schooling then car). My husband having take up a new job couldn’t do that other than weekends which means we would be homeless and the children stay longer out of school…and I must say I had to hold fort while he travelled even before we moved to our new home.

I must say these changes have made me ever so independent (hence the title!) yet I am dependant completely on my husband, as I said I bring no paycheck. Today, I am confident to move to newer places and settle into unknown cultures even with a foreign language.

Today I have friends from all over the world. Yet I find it strange people who have lived only in their home country know so little and have a narrower perspective in spite of internet and globalization. This is true be it India, New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada or anywhere else. People always tell you the great conveniences and wonder how I cope with these moves!

I have a need and have no choice but to raise my children as Third Culture Kids (“A third culture kid is a person who has spent a significant part of his or her developmental years outside their parents’ culture.") I can’t but agree with David Pollock, sociologist that TCK’s are "The prototype citizens of the future." I spent a significant amount of time attending to my children. I understand their needs are different than my times.

We have traveled to several countries and cities as a family. And yet I know they (the children) are with you another ten years or so before they move to college and build their own independent lives. So may be it is worth giving up that job and travel all over the world and raise TCK’s with an Indian edge,.. , be a cook, maid, driver (possess over three driving licenses etc), handyman, secretary ( to my family, sometimes friends too) etc…

That does not mean I don’t long to work.
I still would love to put on that formal suit and commute to Central London for that Corporate Job….if some one did offer me one!
Even if that doesn’t happen I am happy being The Independent Homemaker.

But for now I am happy meeting new people, making friends, blogging , chatting with friends all over the world. Unlike Meeti don’t have all the time in the world which I long for! My “to do” lists are never ending I still have a lot to do and lots to catch up.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Riona turns seven

This is what I imagine Riona will be telling her comparision I dont remember anywhere my parents had taken me except my grandparents while we grew up....we lived in the same home from the time I was seven...where my parents still live in contrast Riona lives in her 4th home in the 4th country.Call it Globalisation or progress!

When you read these photos will help you imagine what I am trying to communicate!

When I was six I used to live in a country called Taiwan……and in a city called Taipei…( I am imagining and assuming she is not in Taipei)

We lived in a lovely “Big Home”.And for me that was mum says if I get upset I would say I want to go back to Taipei!

I went to Taipei European School at 7:15 AM in the morning in a school bus….My mum really wanted me to play Tennis I whined so much so she decided to give it up….

I could not relate to Indian festivals so wearing Indian clothes was a lot of work…I did very well in my first very short piano recital….I took part in a swimming competition and swam 25 mts……

We played with sparkles on Diwali day in Taipei.I was a Daisy in Girl Scouts….My mum persisted so I went for children’s choir in the Church…
We loved to put up the X’mas tree…

Then we went visited our grandparents in Kerala for Christmas…

When we arrived back mum told us we are leaving Taiwan and going to a new country…

I did not understand but packers came and packed everything when I was in school and all my class mates said Good bye to me…We took a long flight and came to a cold country called United Kingdom….We were put up in a small apt….in Docklands….We had to go everywhere by walking and by trains….The only thing tht excited us was we had heavy snow for three days….It was the first time we saw a snowfall…Then my mum and Dad looked around and we went to see several houses over 50 of them I think until we found our present home….we were put in a new school and we had new uniform…..

Our home had very little things as our things took over a two months to come…Slowly my mum set up the house. We had bunk beds for Tanya and me. I used to sleep on top…

When all our things came…we began to go cycling in the evening around the compound.
We made friends…around the area…

I visted Wales and several castles in England…

We went to Paris and New York during summer holidays..
My mum said “you are a very lucky girl”
You have seen “London, Paris, NewYork and Singapore all in one year”

The Alpha World Cities in those days were
• New York City, London
Alpha World Cities +:
• Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo,Shanghai and Beijing

I had already been to all except Sydney,Shanghai and Beijing.

I always wanted to go to Australia as my teachers often happened to be from Australia …

My mum showed me a list of 50 most visited attractions and said …” we have taken you to lots of places…now you need to study hard and be a nice all rounded individual”

She often told us if we dont study and put in our very best the only jobs we will get is to serve burgers in McDonalds and she would be buying them from us....Hearing that used to make me feel upset and angry....