Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blogging and me

I admire people who regularly blog and always think they are epitome of self-discipline. I have struggled with it for the last 5 years and I really want to record events of my daily life as they have been amusing and challenging in so many aspects.

These four blogs listed below make me wonder “How do they manage?”

Self – Discipline and putting self before others is what I truly struggle with.

There is always something to do. With two daughters and almost single parenting as my better half is away about 3 weeks in a month.

I recently chatted with an old friend and we discussed our children to what all our friends …their plans, and what they were up to for holidays etc. and even some aspirations…like what our friends and family aspire to do…. and finally my friend asked me ….What are you doing?....I almost had no answer……well I have concluded I need to bring my daughters up to the best of my ability and thatsNo.1 priority. It’s a single agenda item for the next 2 years and may be till 2020!...Thats when R will go to University!
 If I am not pursuing a corporate career which I would have loved to then that’s the way forward. I have completed 7 years not being in full time employment and I can see the fruits of my endeavour in my children and as I always say Charity begins at home. But there is a lot to do and numerous things I wish I could get them to do in the limited time.
It’s not that I indulge in just watching every family opera on TV but it’s just that there is so much to do each day that I struggle every day and wonder where my time has gone .

With renewed efforts I am trying to get back to bloggin regularly again after almost 3 months....

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  1. My eyes almost fell out of my sockets when I saw my link in here.....I mean Thanks!!!!

    I love the compliment but need to tell u...
    I write just 4 posts a month....and believe me it is such an effort nowadays. But yeah I try....I cheat[by putting up forwards, tags, short posts trying to pass them off as poems;-P] when I don't have anything to say. Then feel guilty and put up something...anything & then am so surprised when people say they enjoyed reading it;-o

    Just make it a brushing ur teeth. Say I have to blog once a week, once a week, once a week...then ur mind sort of accepts it & u'll never forget to blog once a week;-D


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